Incredible Win-bledon!!!!!

Wimbledon has a special place in my heart. Ever since I have heard the word ‘tennis’, Wimbledon is all I admire and respect amongst all the Gran Slams!!! From the time when cable networks were still far away from Indian shores, all DD national could afford was telecasting Wimbledon every year, and we used to go berserk shouting and pitching in for our favorite players.

Back then, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Mary Pierce were few names that were rooted for, in my abode, while Sampras and Ivanosevic, were few of the male players supported. Best part of the match from then till now has always been the final set, one without the tie breaker …. All players needed to do were to go on playing till the difference of 2 games is maintained which converts into their win..!!!

In the recent decade of tennis, players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer proved that player fitness and finesse alone can get you close to winning tournaments. Both Federer and Nadal have proved time and again what arch rivalry means. This year too classic player like Federer and iron pumped Nadal… are the obvious competitors for the numero Uno spot in ATP rankings!!! Each one with equally good first serves and equally sharp mind and body are the probable’s to win the coveted title this year. But the hunger to strike back, to survive, to proceed ahead and make each single game count is something that this year Wimbledon witnessed in John Isner of United States and Nicolas Mahut of France on day 2.

A game, which hardly had any spectators being a no super player show, gained unprecedented popularity. The play which began on June 22nd 2010 was still on when the clock struck June 23rd 2010 9.10 pm…. and after almost 6 hours of play each day … this match stood the longest ever played ATP match that ran into +12 hours category. Now that is something!!! That is the hell of limit..!!!! Isn’t it???

The kind of physical strength and stamina these champs displayed has been astonishing..!!! Giving eye for an eye… making every single point, every single serve, and every single ace count is not a joke!!! Apart from this, fighting against fatigue and extreme wear tear of the body makes these young champs’ true winners in their own stride!!!

Isner and Mahut eclipsed every record in the book in the first-round match which ended when the light faded at 9:09 pm on Jun 22. The pair locked up 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (9-7), 6-7 (3-7), 59-59 in the first round on Court 18. The final set that lasted more than seven hours was alone longer than the longest match in grand slam history.

Excerpt from “Nothing like this will ever happen again – ever,” panted John Isner after the 10-hour duel. “It’s just amazing. Everyone wanted to see the end of the match but we have to come back tomorrow.” the American added on Wednesday, Jun 23. The players, who have surprised and shocked the world with the great physical ability and skill, are in awe of each other. “He’s just a champion and we were just fighting like we never fought before,” Mahut said while his American opponent said, “He was serving fantastically and I was serving fantastically, that was about it.”

“Seriously… doesn`t anyone have to pee? Umpires included?” Andy Roddick tweeted during the final set. This match can surely send shivers down Roger and Rafa’s spine..!!! Rafa was till date regarded as the best athlete with enormous stamina to pull off absolutely anything… but these guys proved their mettle and boy… what style!!! With betterment of technique and game these guys can mean lethal!!!!

Now whoever actually wins this match… both are the winners in this historic and epic match and the new record holders for the longest played ATP match in history!!! Its treat watching these two play..!!! Today when they start the game on 3rd day… people can only hope that it ends at least today!!! All the very best to both…


21 thoughts on “Incredible Win-bledon!!!!!

  1. Seriously.. This game requires a lot of stamina… Nadal Vs Feddie is my favorite.. Rather that is the only match I watch.. Anyday would sit watch their match and support Nadal.. Mann.. what stamina he has got to run between two ends..


  2. There is no comparison of Federer and Nadal. Federer is 100 times better player, Roger is the best player of this decade, Roger has such a beautiful backhand and forehand. I doubt if any other player beautiful game like him. 🙂

    • Indeed….Nadal is all about raw power and federer is all about finese and grace!!!
      FEDERER rocks!!! happy to hear from one more federer fan!!!! 😀

      • If you are a tennis player, you cant stop loving Roger. He is such a decent player, look at his dress sense, look at his shots he is tennis legend…..Nadal is ordinary…:d

        • chill … dude… lets not take away from nadal what he too has rightfully earned…I too love Roger!!! no doubts!! But no demeaning someone else… for him..

  3. wow another tennis addict.. I was addicted to this game since I saw Sampras winning one of his Wimbledon titles..

    How do they manage do it!! 7 hr continuous play, its just amazing the kind of stamina these people have!

    It’ll be a pity if their energy dies out and none of them will be able to reach the semis or finals..

    P.S. I hope Federer wins ;).

    • guess… he must have been too tired n exhausted… 3 consecutive days of avg 4 hrs play is no child’s play..!!!!
      he still will remain the atta boy of wimbledon 2010…!!!

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