Psychotic jealousy….

Just the other day I saw ‘My Best friend’s Wedding’ on HBO and while I was in awe of Julia Roberts acting through it… a line stuck out of it and caught me off guard… ” It’s amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy. “  and I was left in my thoughts after that…. I just couldn’t register the rest of the movie after that…

And today, When I was watching Cocktail… that same psychotic jealousy was there to display on screen too…!!

I mean it might sound cool or melodramatic to know that some one sacrificed for someone else but I feel… being human is not brow raising…!!! If you feel bad for yourself … you seriously do…!! If you feel jealous … mind you… that super horrendous raw feeling of jealousy is not an awesome thing to deal with… and while some might tag such people as bad guys/ gals of society….I feel its just a part of them feeling bad and super horrible inside…!! Believe me … been there done that… have felt that…!!!

I met him through this same psychotic jealousy…. and I had no choice than to tell him that honestly. I empathized with Veronica in Cocktail to only that extent of how pathetic she was feeling inside…how severely broken and helpless at the same time was she..!!! And I think this psychotic jealousy does make you to say it loud that  … “Listen, you might feel it weird or crazy but blah .. blah… blah… is making me super jealous… and its not really cool to feel that way inside…do you have a solution?” 

And I am glad… that  he had…  🙂

*I just let a cat out of my bag... isn't it? ;-) *

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