Fixations… Do you have one?

Ever since I have been here I tend to see all sorts of fixations people live their life with…!! Not that back in Mumbai people were animal hunting Stone Age homo Neanderthals… but maybe I never observed them then, which I do now…


Once landed on the soils of or maybe I should put sands of Bangalore (I have this huge doubt of where the sand came from when there is no sea in at least 500 kms of its radius…and mid you entire city is sandy…) , I have met varied people with varied fixations … First stands on the list is Miss C( for Canada), no she has never been to Canada, but her supposed would be stays there, who mistreats her, never calls her, but still expects her to be waiting for him till death do us apart types…I don’t know how much of that is true…!! And her fixation is not this guy but any guy that knows her…everybody knows what I mean by this..!!! Her other fixation is wearing clothes 3 sizes smaller to her… lengthwise… breadth wise… and height wise…in all ways possible..!!! And then she asks me… hey it looks awesome na…??? well… Yeaahhh… if you think 😛 … doesn’t the mirror she is looking in answer her???


Mr K&S (for Kannadiga South Indian) is someone I am supposed to obey all the times..!!! His word is our command..!!! His fixation is bashing Bleed blue boy from Mumbai who has many achievements to his credit that number of white strands on Mr K&S ‘s head…. !!! He explains it with saying… that Bleed blue boy always had godfathers to save him… and who helped him with his achievements…and how such godfathers never existed for hot headed bleed blue boy from Delhi who recently got hair transplants done in order to look young to get selected in young national side to be able to play and prove his mettle one last time…!!! I was little surprised with Mr. K&S not standing for someone from south India though… hmmm…


But our beloved Sulekha does that….”North Indian Guy wanted…”, “South Indian guy preferred…”, ok before any dirty minds think what this crazy curler is talking about…its about the  rental ads placed by so called junta(public) on sulekha forums…!! Anyone hailing above the border of Karnataka qualifies as north Indian… and anyone beyond that is south Indian… wow and the dumb me had tough time studying directions in Geography during school times…!!! West and East are used only at global level yaar…western countries & eastern countries…!! Had I known this during my schools…I would have been probably far better at geography…!!! But do I want to be called north Indian… No one asks me really… But I am gonna answer it either ways… That I am a Mumbaikar… and it belongs to western coast of India…I ,not even in my nightmares would like being called Miss D (for the beloved Rajdhani)… Yup that’s my fixation not to be remotely associated with anything that has to do with D..!!!


Then there is Miss J(stands for people who don’t eat onions and garlic ever ) who is North Indian…and who speaks Punjabi-Hindi, not because she is from Punjab but just because it sounds cool to do so in a south Indian city wherein people have common perception abut all north Indians…!! Well she is from UP…!!! A UPaite… a J…. and Punjabi????? Well she has always been with Punjabi speaking friends…for past 2 yrs that should answer you…!! Hmmm… interesting… I wonder how I could never learn anything from my 23 yrs old friendship with one certain Tam-Bram Girl..!! It would have been so nice to flaunt my Tam prowess here in Bangalore… well the dumb me again..!!!

Miss HD (stands for High-flyer Delhi) is on a mission to loose weight… to slim down…and she is pretty determined to do it with eating paneer twice a day daily… eating whatever is left over at home each single night and day … eating oiled and gheeed paratha ever single day … and then doing very difficult yoga movements by standing at one position the way bipasha does in her fitness cd…!! It’s the Bangalore ji… the bloody Bangalore which has made her this way…else she was as light as a flower petal ji…Just wait and watch now… she is on her way to transformation…just give some time ji… and you will see it…!! Now she is someone who has provided me with roof over my head and now I just hope that she doesn’t follow my blog in anyway possible… else I would seriously need help from all my well wishers who wishes well for me by providing me with new roof…


I know I have a huge fixation of observing… judging… concluding… assuming about everything around me…but then that’s ok as far as what my mirror says to me I listen to… as far as I don’t turn racist and create yet another Indian separation of North and South India titled “2012…the real uprising and the real separation”.. as far as I don’t portray myself as someone who I am not…maybe that makes me an opinionated person, if so then maybe I am…and I am happy to live with this fixation of mine…!!!



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