Getting on with life…

Where new city means freedom, free will and experimenting it also means tension, concern for folks back home and helplessness at not being able to be with the family when it needs you the most….

New city offers its own challenges…!! There is challenge to find a house … challenge to reach home back in time… challenge to keep oneself safe, challenge to adjust to newer surroundings… challenge to adapt to new work… challenge to excel at workplace in less span of time… challenge to prove yourself …. And moreover challenge to stand by your own decision and prove that it was a right one when taken..!!!

There are moments when I feel, that probably I rushed into it… probably I was not cut out for this… probably I would be have been better off at my home… and then, there are changes which are lined up in coming months that tempt me to stick by what I have done… there are things which are looking on the brighter side after a long time and instead of getting overwhelmed by it, I feel the achievement as well deserved..!!!

There are moments when I feel weak, moments when I feel that I can’t take it anymore and then there is that one phone call which sets everything right…!!! Midst these feelings of being wrong and right….lies all my questions and probably all my answers too…!!!

There is one thing which is coming back to me on this note… and that is Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist…!!!  Everything is written… “Maktub…”!!! Waiting to read it… 


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