Am I a Cheapster???

After a long long time, sun shone on me today and it felt super… I felt alive…!! I had never thought that I would make such a European statement someday… but there is always a first time for everything I guess… 

Anyways let’s move on… because neither the sun nor the first time is important here… but a small rickshaw driver is….!!! Passing through the crowded lanes of Koramangala, he drove his rickshaw with lot of elegance, the crinkling sound of the coins in his pocket only adding to the melody…!! 

But as people say all good things come to an end… and so did this thing too.

I gave 100 rupees for my meter which read 69 rupees… and he returns me back 30 rupees saying he has no change… HE HAS NO CHANGE…???!!??? What the hell was that making melodious sound 2 minutes back??? 

In true mumbaiyaa style the rage in me made me to ask him that why are ‘chillars’ (mind the word that I used… chillaaarrr…) making sound in his pocket then…?? He just gave me stare as if what a cheapster statement I am making…!!!

And he just drove away…taking my one rupee with him…!!! 

KA-05 M 5587… Don’t know why I still remember his number plate…. 

Probably people in Bangalore earn way too much money to give away 1,2,3 rupees as tip to rick guys… probably its not his fault that he is used to being tipped by bangaloreans every time… but I am not used to not getting the change amount back from rickshaw fellows… nobody does that in Mumbai…none..!!! 

Maybe I am really a cheapster to fight for 1 rupee each day … but considering that I have stayed in Bangalore for 4 months now.. . wherein I must have travelled by rick at least 50 times and giving away average 1 rupee on each ride, I have just lost out on 50 more rupees to those THIEVES driving around the city fooling people each single day….!!! 

Do they sleep peacefully each night?? Don’t they feel ashamed that they loot people openly…?? They may come from poor backgrounds… but that does not give them visa to loot people and still behave as if it’s their birth right to do so…!!! 

I know I am writing about Bangalore rickshaw fellows again… but they just come up with new antics every time I feel we have made peace with each other…!!!

I am feeling way to good about Mumbai right now… in this moment…!!!                                                                               


One thought on “Am I a Cheapster???

  1. i totally understand your pain..
    its not JUST the auto wallas.. have you tried BMTC ?? its as if 1 or 2 rupees don’t even exist for these so called “public servants” !!

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