Off to new shores…

One decision…and the life changed manifolds…!! I know big statement to make…but it (read life) literally changed… and it brought me almost 800 kms south of my beloved Mumbai to a hill station of 80s and corporate hub of 21st century called Bangalore…!!!

Bangalore has always been a hill station of yester years… and hence obviously it offers a great climate to people especially who land in here from sultry and baking Mumbai…!! Honestly I loved it here…climate… south Indian food…and that’s about it …my like-list ends there..!!! It’s not like there is nothing more to Bangalore than that… but I am yet to explore that can be a better statement…!!!

I always thought … finding a place to stay in here won’t be difficult…but I was so wrong..!!! It’s not only difficult it’s horrible…and I am still without a house … its been exactly 7 days since I landed here… ideally 7 days of not having your own roof on your head… quite scary … but then I am blessed with good friends who have kind of accommodated me in their house and bearing up with me day in day out… because I am a little weird person to be with.. (Ask my mom… lolzz)…!!!

But Bangalore is weird too…

Weird 1:- if there is one thing that I have really learnt in last 7 days of my stay in Bangalore is … you can never win with rickskaw fellows… ideally one should never even try, because you object once in Hindi and they will give you 10 sentences in kannada and the kind of look you would on your face will say –“what crap???” (That’s a subtle stmt from my side…)!!  If they are not in mood to go by meter(which they are 97/100 times) then they are not so you better shut up and sit in that rick…or hang on him and go find other or forget rick altogether and find a bus or worst start walking…!!! For a journey that will cost you 18 rupees by bus… rick will cost 150 rupees, and at least 5-6 kannada statements…s o you better make your choice depending upon your considerations…I choose bus…(yeah I am cheap mumbaikar…18 rupees is all that I can afford…but I don’t mind free lifts .. lolz…).

Weird 2:- Water … if we talk of it, it is as hard as it can be… even before soap can feel itself getting transformed into lather it vanishes…whoosh..!!!

Weird 3:-Most houses here have a washing machine area….I am aware of living area, bed rooms… but washing machine areas??? Wow…I loved that concept…one more added point to my type of ideal home…!! So now you know why it’s difficult for a person like me to find a place to live… sigh….

Ok I know I am kind of cribbing here… about everything… but then am missing home … I guess I will need some time to settle down… and probably that will only happen once I have my roof on my head…hopefully soon… God please listen…!!!

AndBangalore, be kind to me… is all that I wanna say right now…. Amen…


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