Power of Silence….

Power of silence is infinite….

It gives time to sort out things in your head before speaking…it gives time to cool off the brain… it gives time so as to avoid acting in haste…it gives time to also look at from other’s perspective…. We all are aware of this although we may only seldom implement it…!!!

I won’t say that silence to me is achieving all the above, but silence has given me something far more enriching and custodial which will be with me for the rest of me on this earth, and that something, is understanding of my own self…!!

In those moments of silence I have tuned into me, heard what I wanted, knew what is to be done next, treasured my experiences, adjusted to the environs, and moreover accepted and tolerated a whole bunch of variety called… people!!! Sometimes I succeeded, at other times I failed…but each time it gave a new dimension to what silence can do for me…!! Silence is not keeping quiet when you are supposed to speak… but it’s about keeping quiet when you are supposed to think, analyze and improvise…!!!

This to come off from someone who once said: – “Kill the Silence…” is something else really…!!!

Maybe it’s all a part of- “Growing up…”!!!

Actually, am pleased with the thought of still growing up…!! To feel that “a kid in me has still not got over”, is not a bad feeling after all….


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