Finding thy purpose…

Life, Experiences, Situations, People, Strangers, and everything else around teaches something profound and concrete … something that we take with us and go about doing our usual chores each day… 

Many say we are here in this life with purpose and we need to find it someday… to truly understand what we are made for…!!! Still in real life can u name at least 10 people whom you know, who have found out what they are made out for?

More often than not, the ruggedness of life gets onto everyone … everyone has to go through the cycle of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices, adjustments, compromises in their life…no one is spared from that… only thing that differs is the amount in which each one does that. 

Getting to know your own true self is something that not many can accomplish in one’s life…societal theories, peer pressures or religious dogma you can call it anything you want… are the forces which most certainly stops one from getting up close with one’s own self..!!! But then leaving behind these barriers and obstacles some does reach that point of pinnacle wherein the fear to face one’s self, its needs, its dreams and its wishes vanish…and ultimate bliss sets in…!!! 

Putting up a mask and performing on the world stage to someone else’s tunes is by far something that we all do to some extent in our lives. Human mind and psyche is programmed to think about society, its norms, its cultures, and slowly this ability to think about society and the world at large sets in, in our day to day living too…!!  We can easily recollect incidents where in we have done something just for the heck of doing it…at least I can in all my sincerity and honesty can accept that yes I have done few(read many) things just because someone else was doing it, or it just looked cool to do it…!! But as they say life is the biggest teacher one can ever get in one’s life…. as we meet new people…see new places…get new experiences… we evolve… and slowly and steadily every individual ultimately carves out his/her own identity in this world!! A point reaches in one’s life wherein being compared to someone else just seems shallow…and individual goals and milestones is all that ultimately matters… 

Is finding your own purpose any different???


One thought on “Finding thy purpose…

  1. There is no purpose. If there is any its simply finding mates, reproducing as much and as diverse as you can and dying. Thats the darwinian purpose of all life on this planet.

    Everything else is optional and human.

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