The flowing dots…

Life never stops to surprise me… it almost always tells me, teaches me, makes me realise something, when I least expect it to…

Very recently I was being questioned by one of my close friend as to whether I believe in closures?

I would be lying if I would say I got it what she was hinting at… looking at my dumbfounded face she volunteered to explain…

‘Closures as in something that can mean completion of something… or getting done with something or someone… or it can merely mean that you have achieved what you wanted to and now you have moved on to better stuff in life….’

My expression hadn’t changed a bit… I was still dumbstruck with the thought “did I not get her? Or I don’t have an answer???”

We left that conversation there… but the question never left my mind….

Then while reading my article for office magazine she said something which had never crossed my mind before….

“A small dot can stop a big sentence…but few more dots can give continuity… Closures are not for you….”



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