Right to choose…is it that difficult to grant one ?

Music player crooned the song “uff teri ada” from Karthik calling Karthik…. and in a split second…Rushali did her gig…she was lost in her world of moves, dance and one could easily make out the bliss on her face when she grooved to that song…!!! For a 4 year old, she was way above average when it came to dance…and performance…!!! Even Ramesh could not stop himself from capturing his daughter’s innocent dance on his handy cam. There were many who liked the video when Ramesh uploaded it on the facebook late…

When Maya met Ramesh the next day in his office…she mentioned him about how cute Rushali looks in the video…and how she thinks that Rushali has that rhythm in her to do marvels in the field of Dance…!!! Without taking another second, Ramesh at once declared…. I am not going to make her a dancer…she is going to be a doctor…Maya fell silent..!!!

Rushali was yet to know how is ‘dance’ spelt…she was yet to know what it means by making a choice… she was yet to know what it is that she truly loves doing… but somewhere her fate was already sealed… somewhere a decision was already made…somewhere she was being made to believe that, there is nothing called ‘desire’ but only ‘expectations’…!!!

“Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have…and which you can ever give to anyone…”

If only… everyone knew this…

(Based on an interaction with office colleague about his daughter… names have been changed…)


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