Hats off to her ‘COURAGE’….

 Anger is a very small word to describe something that enrages you from within so much that even killing someone can seem morally right to you…!!! 

Delhi is organising its first ‘slut-walk’ this June 25th, and we can hear lot of protests as to how the name sounds derogatory and how it’s not going to serve the purpose…!!! Then there are people who mock the whole effort, involve in pun-making and trivialize the whole issue….but often don’t realise what exploitation can mean to the opposite sex, more due to the fact that hardly do women speak up about the whole lot of things they face maybe every single day in their life, out of disgust, shame or sheer helplessness…!!! 

But one such effort has been made…just came across an article of sluts & walks that was more than an eye opener, and I could empathize with enrage and disgust that was pouring out of it…!!! It’s an account of what author Sania – who is like any other middle class girl learning in Delhi away from her parents and family…went through during her college years…I request each and every single guy, girl, veteran, blogger friend, relatives whoever read this blog, to do visit the link above and read it…completely..!!! If not stir you up, it will make you to realise why an event like ‘slut-walk’ needs to be successful…!!! 

I will not like to write a lot here and take away the courage that Sania displayed in her article. This article is not for making women sound helpless but it’s mainly to make everyone in this world realise that every woman that you’ve ever known; especially the women most special to you, your mother, sister, loved one or best friend , office colleague might be facing some or all the things mentioned in the article. Its time women get to live life filled with pride and dignity than fear and helplessness. And it’s not just about capital of our country-Delhi; but more or less this scenario is prevalent in all the cities of India…

 As far as Sania goes- just two words for her APPLAUSE and total RESPECT!!!


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