Its called…”Boond-a-Bandi”

Weather and climate in general can definitely make or break your mood… your zeal and your overall well being to survive through the day… 

Baked through the May heat with throats parched to get the taste of monsoon, Mumbai indeed suffers the worst when it comes to May!!! And when another 15 days of May are still left, one never expects any change in the heating schedule of the month… but today is a different day… so different that it made me to start scribbling when I am absolutely at loss of words for quite few days now… 

6.15 am alarm goes off… and rubbing my dull, still heavy with sleep eyes, I looked out of the small glass pane near my  bed, expecting fully lit up day due to long day-cycle of summers, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see a slightly dark, cloudy and pleasant morning outside…!!! It gave me feel good factor early in the morning…!!! Sitting in the window seat of the bus the morning breeze didn’t seem more pleasing than today…. there was no sun on the horizon..!!! Usually I would have slept off in the bus, but today I thought of listening to music and I can say, that today has been by far that day when I have thoroughly enjoyed my travel to office..!!! 

With absolutely no mood to work in office, what with Monday blues adding to my manager’s woes…it was a perfect setting to read some blogs while sipping through the morning cuppa of coffee…!!! The afternoon stroll down the Powai hills (oh, didn’t I tell my office building is on a small hillock… amidst the busiest city of India-Mumbai) was mesmerising… with cool breeze…slight drizzle…smell of earth…and KK crooning Pal in my ears…!!! It was a perfect moment..!!!! My best friend from college who is a typical north Indian… used to call this type of drizzling as “boond-a-bandi”…and somehow I belted out to one of my colleague-“wow… mast boond-a-bandi hai yaar…” he couldn’t understand what I meant by it…but I had a huge smile on my face… and coincidently…her name is Megha !!! 🙂 


One song that I m listening again n again this day is….”Jane kya chahe mann bawra…” A perfect song for my taste to a day like this…would be listening to it at least 10 more times…. 🙂 


 Hope this day is leaving every Mumbaikar with content to some extent…happy rainy days to everyone..!!!


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