I wanna learn .. on my own..!!!

Sometimes I wonder how much spoon feeding should be done to a child…how much comfort zone should be provided to a child…

Ofcourse a parent takes care of his/her child but there is a very blur line that seperates care from spoon feeding. Care of a parent lies in making sure that child gets whatever he wishes for but at the same time learns from his/her mistakes and builds his/her own experience tree…while spoon feeding lies in making sure that the child gets whatever he/she wishes for while benefitting from the experience tree built by his/her parent…!!! A spoon fed child may lead a perfectly spotless life but maybe take that child out of his/her comfort zone and he/she may fumble big time…

Would like to live you with a line read somewhere:-

“Manzil to mil hi jayegi mujhe ek din chahe bhatak kar hi sahi… Gumrah to woh log he jo ghar se nikle hi nahi …”


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