New Year Resolution… ala my way…

Another new year is here… and maybe a new beginning is what people see it as…me? Oh yeah… same to same…

Often people are ready with their New Year resolutions by the time its 1st January… okay I know there can be many who may think what resolutions…?? It’s a childish thing to think of it…!!! Alright point taken and accepted that not all do resolve to do something… and amongst those who do them very few actually follow them…that’s universal truth too!!! But let’s assume for some time that people do make resolutions when New Year starts…

So on similar lines….I have made a resolution this year (first time in mah life…) and which is something that I intend to follow…!!! Now people who follow this blog would know about my fascination with zodiac signs and Librans in particular. Well, why did I mention it here? Because, my resolution has something to do with it…!!! With zodiac signs..??? OMG… does she mean she is gonna learn astrology or something??? (No no… I don’t want to torture my blog visitors more …don’t worry…). Well it has to do with one particular zodiac sign-Libra and their famous indecisiveness!!!

You have full right to ask me this … Why is it that I keep on hammering things about Libran indecisiveness without sending out any disclaimer like “no relation to anyone living or dead…” that’s because it has relation to someone living in this goddamn world…and mind you no points for guessing who is he/she since…YOU KNOW HER (yea she is she…)!!!

Okay coming back to my resolution…so what is it that I want to do??

I don’t want to get up every day and spend some eternal 15 minutes time staring at my wardrobe as if every outfit I keep my eyes on is something worth giving a try today… (That does mean I actually have enough clothes that I won’t actually need to buy clothes for next one year at least…) but then it’s not about variety or quantity of clothes which is an issue… but my confusion..!!! Confusion since every outfit seems perfect for the day and I can’t quite decide which one I should wear… ok but the final result is- I almost always tend to wear whatever is easily accessible to my hands at the very top of the heap although I spend eternal 15 minutes admiring all the others … that also means the one kept at the bottomest bottom of the heap (mera number kab aayega)… never actually gets the chance…(I suddenly feel like a villainous soul who is depriving someone of its food, clothing and shelter…) And the endest end result is I am always late for the office bus…. Aargghh…and I am still figuring out what is the reason for it??? If you could figure it out… let me know…. 😛

I don’t want to go to an apparel shop and filter 2 of the dresses, which I may have liked from whole lot of bundle that I may have gone through….then try both of them in the trial room… and get super duper confused as to which I should buy, considering the fact that I am here to buy only one and not 2… And then the end result is- it gives the salesman an opportunity to say a dialogue-“usme kya hai madam… dono le lo…” and then although I am there to buy only one, the possibility of maybe I can buy both if I have liked them, starts taking shape in my grey matter…!!! Okay now if the person who is shopping with me is sound enough to say “c’mon no need of two… I think the blue one is perfect…” (Blue is my favourite color…), then I definitely climb back to my sanity and purchase the blue one..!! So the point is although I know blue is my favourite and it would look good… I get confused between choices… Aarrgghh… I am still figuring out why I take almost always more than 3 hours for shopping??? If you could figure it out… let me know 😛

Okay so the main funda is –“Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you(in this case ME…) out” (I have kinda copied that line from the FUROBIKER’S TAGLINE…: P:P:P) So I have thought about doing something for this day to day wearing out…

But then why torture Librans here??? It’s because till date I had been in the perpetual mood of accepting the fact – oh its okay for Librans to be indecisive since it’s in their constitution… BUT NOT ANYMORE….!!! That means yes I am Libran….

The eternal Libran (ME…) has made a resolution that no more dwelling in the jungles of confusion… The resolution is to think over possibilities… analyse and take decisions. The resolution is to arrive at the decisions..!!! The resolution is to decide the next day’s outfit the previous night and no more spending 15 minutes of everyday morning life!!! The resolution is to think prior hand which colours I want to shop for and look out for possibilities in that space only…this way it will help to find out things which are necessary than things which are luxuries…this I say because I already have many blue dresses…and frankly I don’t need any more!!!

There is a very famous quote by St. Francis of Assisi- “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. Okay and now I completely want to believe at this moment that there shall come a day when I would be doing that impossible…!!!

And yes I intend to stick to this…!!! Start by taking daily smaller decisions with finesse and there shall come a day when u shall arrive at that bigger something… and that line has already made me to start imagining some bigger decisions like- sitting in IPL auction and thinking of how much to raise my bid for Sachin…(hehehe.. he is my fav player…) and kinds…!!! So you got the drift..!!!!

And now most important how am I gonna track whether I was on track with this resolution…??? I don’t know… I am not gonna keep a data sheet to enter everyday decisions and my successes as I find it very very nerdy!!! Because you don’t need a piece of datasheet to tell you that you were successful or not!!! Because if you were successful … you will know it, it’s that simple!!!

So maybe follow-on to this post can happen this year end…to declare my success or failure… but till then let me just say it loud and clear… I intend to follow my resolution!!! AMEN … to that… 😀

(Btw…I can also make a resolution to not pull legs of Librans anymore… my legs are already long… :P)


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