ye tera ghar… ye mera ghar

Just read an article about some lady who went into Shabarimala temple and touched the idol…

So many people have stood against her and are outrageously filling court cases against her.

Why? Because, any lady in the age of 10-50 isn’t allowed to enter the premises of that temple. There are many Aiyappa temples elsewhere in the country wherein everyone (read everyone) is allowed to go and worship. I am quite surprised as to why they have singled out Shabarimala temple for that reason? Some say there is some long followed tradition behind it, some say it as their duty to respect the ritual that is followed for ages, and some are equally clueless as to why this is accepted on the face of it, etc.

Also heard is ‘dev Prashnam’ in the same connection, which is prescribed by tantriks through which it is possible to read deity’s mind at shabarimala in order to find out if some wrong doing is done….!!!! Reading God’s mind… now that is something…!!! Wow….

God is no longer an omnipresent force I feel..!!!! It feels like he is one amongst us… People fighting for him for some lady encroached upon his private property and they all feel that he has taken it to heart since he never likes any woman in his property…. a dialogue echoes in my mind…‘Tune mere ghar me kadam kaise rakha, teri itni himmat…???’

I am just wondering what’s next….

There is already land legally in the name of Prabhu Shri Ramchandra at Ayodhya… and guess what he fought a battle for 17 long years to finally get that small piece of land… it feels as if God was so helpless that he had to actually go through the famous Indian judicial system to acquire this feat!!!

I feel that, the day is not far when the God would be summoned to be present in the court room in order to give statement for his stand….

Its people who make a God out of an ordinary human being and its people who make an ordinary human being out of a God…

Tedhi hai par kya kare…public hai…


2 thoughts on “ye tera ghar… ye mera ghar

  1. I am not religious, so won’t comment on the religion part. But why is it so hard for people to believe that culture changes, and so the tradition too.

    God is a word that represents faith and not the almighty GOD in today world whether you acknowledge it or not, an idea more than anything else. If Ram or Vishnu come down themselves on this earth, they would be discarded as wana-be gods.
    God is nothing but an idea now, an idea that changes with time.

    Still so called religions people, the ones who are the first to single out based on cast or admit the superiority and divine rights of the Bahamians, would make life hell for anyone who choose his/ her true calling of spirituality, or want to get closer to their god.
    I see nothing wrong with what the lady did, she had the defiance that others didn’t to get closer to her god, isn’t that what all religious text rant about, not to be limited by material boundaries, there was defiance in every saint, religious leader, at least in the texts. I find it strange that people do not understand.

    May be one day a long q of ladies aged 10 to 50 awaited for the darshans and were reluctant to give their spot when a VIP (may be a king or a great saint)arrived. When VIP couldn’t get his wish to get blessing of the god, he banned them for all eternity.
    But do we have to still follow, those stone age old traditions. Haven’t we evolved a bit, are we still the same old hunter gatherers, to accept without logic.

    P.S: Once again I visit your blog, and it gave me something to ponder about. I have to start visiting it more regularly.

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