A piece of life….revisited..!!!!

Not all soft songs touch your heart… but then there are few ones that leave an indelible mark!! More so, because you connect to that particular song with not only the lyrics, music piece, and enchanting voice of singer but because they remind you of some sweet memories in your life…they remind you of the time well spent…

There are many ones that strike a chord with me…

Aadat by Jal has a very fond memory … In our annual cultural event, one of my friends at college had sung Aadat and the way he sang it, it almost seemed like he meant each and every word that he was singing…at the end of it almost everyone in the arena had Goosebumps… even today whenever I hear Aadat by aatif, all my ears listen is my friend’s voice…n yes those Goosebumps they still there.. .very much there!!!

Na jaane kabse umeede kuch baki hai….Mujhe fir bhi teri yaad… kyuuunn aati hai…’

It used to take me almost 2 hours one way everyday to reach home from college during my initial 2 years of engineering life. Along the way there was a 10 mins long water stretch while travelling beyond Vashi. One song that gave me an apt company everyday along that route was Maula mere from Anwar- a masterpiece is all I can say about that song…A perfect amalgamation of RoopKumar Rathod’s voice, tune, lyrics, and godly chores…and to add to it… the expanse of sea while listening to it made the journey purely divine!!! Although I listen to that sing more often in my car stereo now, I am still instantly taken back to those train days …when those 10 minutes would mean utter serenity!!!

‘meraa dil yahi bolaa, meraa dil yahi bolaa,
yaara raaj yeh usane hai mujh par kholaa
ki hai ishq mohabbat, jiske dil mein
usko pasand karta hai maulaa’

College canteen was the ultimate place where the whole group would retire after sustaining through the dry lectures…!!! When sun had already begun on its drowning journey…and twilight is about to set in… It was perfect time for Lucky Ali to come out of closet and enchant me with his compositions…!!! Along the way back, when I had shifted to my new house which was around 20 mins away from my college, Scooty-Pep, twilight sky and Lucky Ali… was all I yearned for..!!!

‘Anjaani Rahon me tu kya dhundta chale.. duur jisko samjha woh toh paas hai tere…’

The ultimate romantic song for me can be none other than ‘tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam…’ why?? I am a huge shahrukh fan although he may not churn out hits anymore… but DDLJ is special, Shahrukh is special!!! And more special is the way I have seen the movie DDLJ at the tender age of 11 yrs…!!! We (friends) took stall tickets in black for 20 rupees to see this movie and sat in first row of the stall to see this film…!! It was grand… of course it would be, any film would be if you sit in that row of any theatre…it’s the first ever romantic film I have seen in the theatre…although the word ’romance’ didn’t mean anything then…!! But Shahrukh was etched in my mind with his splendid hat and leather jackets and the oh-so famous cow bell..!!!! I still remember I had almost harassed my mom for getting me a similar cow bell..!!! So one thing is sure… If my guy has to woo me he has to sing this song to me… no matter what!!!! No one knows romance better than Shahrukh Khan (who thinks?? I think so…)!!!

‘tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam… Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam..’

Reason for this post is I was in for a treat today… After a long while, I tuned into these songs… and I was instantly taken away to an era which had passed by… which may not revert back ever but which still smells afresh like it has been just yesterday…


2 thoughts on “A piece of life….revisited..!!!!

  1. Hi Aditi,
    All lovely and soulful songs. RoopKumar Rathod and Mohit Chauhan leave me mesmerized these days. A personal favorite in addition to all those you mentioned is “Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki hai” from Kaminey.
    There are songs, there are songs, and then there are those that rip your soul apart and obsess your mind 🙂

    • hey vasu… glad to see u on my blog after a long while…

      There are actually many more songs…that touch my soul than the ones mentioned in the post… but the ones mentioned are much more than just soul stirring songs… they are part of my life…for they have breathed memories into my life which have been my
      companions.. all through post college years…

      Keep visiting… 😀

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