Questions to which I have answers…

Do you get irritated when someone wakes you early in the morning by sprinkling water on your face? (BIG YES)

Do you hate drinking milk first thing in the morning?? (Yes)

Do you feel sleepy right after taking your hot bath in the winter morning?? (Ohh yes!!!!)

Do you get bored watching Amitabh Bachchan in each and every ad on television?? (Yeah he is so boring now…)

Do you feel cheated by all the cosmetic companies advertising their beauty products??? (who doesn’t…..)

Do you feel Wednesdays should be official holidays just like Sundays?? (Yes baby bring it on…)

Do you actually plan your workout every week but then excuses destroy them?? (Hmm ….no comments!!!)

Do you feel sorry for street beggars but then you don’t help them thinking that they could ideally work and earn than simply sit and beg?? (aur nahi toh kya…most of street beggars already own a house in MUMBAI…)

Do you feel given opportunity to go back in time you would make your life different??? (Maybe No…)

Do you get stumped when suddenly some person whose reference you don’t remember clearly mails you and asks hey can I get a moment to talk with you? (Yes…because it takes me a moment to first register who is this person; do I know him/her??… lolzzz)

Do you feel office is taking up 80% of your life??? (BIG YES….)

Do you call on wifey/husband to ask about her whereabouts but don’t find enough time to hug her once back home?? (N/A yet… lolzz)

Do you feel TOI has lost its lustre? (BIG YES…)

I just realised I have answered yes to almost all… you can go ahead and give your own answer…


If you answer yes to all the above, then all I can say is –thank god I am not alone to think that way!!!


P.S.1:  where did I get these questions? Well the third nerve next to medulla oblongata near my cerebellum generated them…. (Is it that crucial to know?? cant I just get  bored at office…????  :P)

P.S.2 : sometimes you do certain things because you don’t have anything else to do…: P

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4 thoughts on “Questions to which I have answers…

  1. The spiritual path is littered by the same called ‘questions’! Thats why we call it quest but the only difference is the mundane knowledge(dnyana) is never considered but that which will take us to vidnyana or supreme knowledge is delved into. Hope you get time to look at that aspect to. Have a nice day.

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