An account of a weird day in my life…

The day was filled with lot of weirdness to it…and I couldn’t help but wonder why the hell everything was so goddamn different today….

 To start with… I didn’t fight with any rickshaw guy over the fare… he readily agreed to take the standard rate.Even after starting late and almost reaching 5 mins late at the bus stop, office bus was still standing at the stop maybe to pick me up (I told that reason to my own self… felt nice that bus specially stopped for me) and surprisingly the moment I got in it, it started from the stop, and this all despite me not telling anyone to hold on the bus for me!!! 

Normally I sleep for max 20 mins in the bus in the morning… from 3rd stop till my office building, but today I didn’t sleep for a single minute, although I had slept for only 5 hours the night prior. I tried sleeping by keeping my eyes shut throughout my journey still I don’t remember falling asleep and seeing a short fazed out dream… which I usually do!!! Okay alright… I dream in those 20 minutes daily… so what??? 

Once in office, I reached cafeteria for a quick tea and chat….and voila… tea was no sugar syrup today it was very nicely made authentic Mumbai strong tea with lots of Masala and Adrak (ginger)!!!! Am I dreaming????God must be super happy with me today ….I thought!!! 

Biggest surprise of the day was the halogen light( Icall it halogen light-since it is that bright and eye-tearing) that sits exactly above my desk in the artistically made PoP false ceiling-which bothers me every day which strains my eyes everyday and which is supposedly the ‘emergency light’ that cannot be closed without closing out total power of building which got damaged..!!!! That means today that light will not bother me…my eyes won’t strain… and I can doze off in between if I want to(esp half  an hour after lunch is bad phase), that too without getting noticed..!!! This thought was so pleasing that I started smiling secretly..!!! Finally my good deeds are getting paid I realized!!! 

Since I didn’t had much work at office today due to recent release, I surfed online quite a lot…expected Picasa and Flickr to be banned in my office network…but another surprise was waiting for me…it was not..!!! This day was certainly very different…Sites which were banned just couple of days back were not any more… spent lot of time viewing friend’s photographs… commented … and for the first time I felt like, I don’t work in a sophisticated high society jail!!!

Well it doesn’t end there… Meetings are usually dry time passing strategies with zero output mechanism to keep staff busy but I had back to back 3 meetings today related to very crucial new project requirements, designing phase and CSR activities and for once it made me feel that all these meetings would not have been complete had I not been present in them!!! Feeling accountable and responsible for all the work that I do and get paid for that was an amazing feeling!!!! Received Appreciation and felt good about my own self … thought why not go have a nice Dairymilk Cadbury in the cafeteria and treat myself… to my surprise… today my cafeteria was hosting Bournville in chocolates section… and I was on top of my happiness..!!!!

 It was 6.20 and my cell fone rang… my colleague had got car and he asked all of us who stay in new Bombay to come along for home drop….it was sharp 7.15 and I was at home enjoying my cuppa of coffee!!! 7.15 … when usually I am at IIT entrance on JVLR highway waiting for traffic to clear out…and in hope that I may reach home by 8.15 at least!!!! 

Day was different..!!! It was so goddamn GOOD!!! And I felt so special today… as if I am the favorite child of GOD on this earth!!!

And now I hope I stay his favorite everyday!!! 😀


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