India celebrates…

There have been an example of irony that I witnessed couple of days back, and thought why not pen it down… 

Sept 11th … more known for being 9/11- for the obvious reason that happened 9 years back is one such example. While on one hand, US is facing one of its most discussed controversy –The Ground Zero Controversy, India on the other hand is locked up in age old battle with Pakistan for everything including, PoK , Kargil war, religious differences to 26/11 terror attacks. 

Cut to 9/11 in the year 2010…this day was different…can say an epic day- on which Ramazan Id and Ganesh Chaturthi both occurred… 

A day sacred to both Hindus and Muslims world over… Where on one hand Hindus celebrated the onset of Ganesh festival that lasts for 11 days Muslims on the other hand celebrated the end of their holy month of Ramazan…!!! 

In spite of so many pot boiling issues between Hindus and Muslims and Indo-Pak crisis, India is still the best place wherein you can find people of all religious background mingle in harmony and peace…9/11 was indeed one day when every Indian celebrated individually and also together!!! There are many Ganesh Pandals in Mumbai which are manned by hard core Muslim people and mind you they have been doing this for quite some years now… sadly good gestures like these never get noticed. While I know many people, some amongst my friend circle too, who fast during the holy Ramazan in spite of being hard core Hindus. An irony of its sort!! 

Little pondering over this thing… made me see the biggest irony ever…the fact that the name ‘RAMAZAN’- has ‘RAM’ in it… and the word ‘DIWALI’ has an ‘ALI’ in it..!!! Super irony isn’t it??? 

Well, I sincerely feel it’s all in the head and nothing in the name… 

Ganapati bappa Morya…Mangalmoorti Morya…!!! Eid Mubarak…to all!!!


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