Ground Zero- the battle continues…

Ground zero –is sacred to most Americans. Sacred, not in religious sense but in humanity sense. Grounds, where once stood the very famous twin towers of World Trade centre, epitomize the loss of thousands of near and dear ones who lost their relations to one of the world’s most tragic attack on humanism.

An attack which, not only  saw a nascent militant group by name Al-Qaida become notorious for its gruesome and heinous crimes but also gave rise to sheer hatred for another word -‘ISLAM’!!!

Chicago Tribune quotes-“Our Constitution guarantees the freedom of all faiths. Not just the ones most of us are comfortable having as neighbors. Not just the ones that attract the most members or the ones whose faith traditions resemble our own, but all faiths. Yet, the notion of an Islamic center two blocks away from a site many New Yorkers view as sacred ground is sure to produce visceral responses”

Post 9/11 many citizens of US who were Muslim by religion were tortured and harassed under the reason of ‘doubt’.  Here I recall a movie by title ‘Khuda kay liye’ which I happened to see couple of years back. It was based on the living condition of Muslim people in US and how they were picked up from their houses simply on the basis of doubt and questioned and tortured for months in the cell… Indeed, what happened in US on 9/11 was horrendous act of crime but what happened after that was equally horrendous for sure!

Nobody can justify the act of crime meted out to Americans but neither can one understand the abandonment of a particular religion on sheer basis of few people stooping low on their morals and going on rampage destroying peace and harmony in the society. Society is built on the foundation of assimilation and acceptance. If any one particular person/group tries to rule and create his monopoly, democracy gets compromised. And that is something which is precisely happening in America and for that reason in world over.

Americans on other hand are taking this a notch higher by turning it into a political drama. There are thousands of people protesting against the mosque saying-‘Islam is not a religion… it’s a political and militarist group’. Forget about civilians, there are people like Sarah Palin who is busy giving her anti-Islam bytes as well.  There were demonstrations that happened in US where people wore “Vote for Jesus” T-shirts and carried signs that said “No Sharia law for USA”.  The mosque opponents are referring to this as not a constitutional issue but rather one of sensitivity to the New Yorkers, most particularly the families of 9/11 victims who lost their loved ones.

The most powerful story of the new century is of course 9/11 with its 2700 dead wherein myth of American invincibility came shattering down and the realization that there were foreigners who hated them enough to trade their lives for the Americans came to the fore. !!! 9/11 has infused a deep hatred in the minds of Americans for anything remotely associated with Islam. In process Muslims throughout America are being attacked because of their religion and this is making ‘bigotry’ worse than it ever was.

Although, Barack Obama is making all the kinds of bold statements to ensure that American Government is supporting ‘Freedom of all Religions…’ Streets of America are echoing different sentiments altogether.

Sitting in India we often, complain about government making political issue out of religious sentiments of people but I guess, world over the picture is same!!! Why can’t we truly understand that what we give to others comes back to us in equal and proportionate measures…? And this applies to only the American-Islam feud but to every individual’s life in all the respects…it’s time for self introspection!!! Indeed!!!

Facts courtesy: Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post.


3 thoughts on “Ground Zero- the battle continues…

  1. You need to read a lot and educate yourself before you write on these issues. What you write is not even half the truth. And one cannot and should not write about the cultures so authoritatively without either experiencing them first hand or studying them extensively. Neither is your portrayal accurate of Barack Obama nor of Americans nor of the now-closed Guantanamo bay and definitely not of Muslim world. All that you have written has a history that stretches Millennia and US govt itself is responsible for a lot more of the crimes that those crooks are committing world wide with ease now. My kind and humble advice is to refrain from writing on such topics that you have little understanding.

  2. I always knew that you were gonna comment on this… and not in good way too!!! 😛

    Well… I am not as read as maybe you consider urself to be… but I am not taking either sides when I write on topics like this…this is what I read day in day out through our dailies… Neither US govt nor the so-called crooks are on right side of anything but all I wanted to point out was how any religious thing gets converted to a political setup then be so any country it is …

    I am still wondering what in it has offended you so much??? Ofcourse I havent mentioned any history here…this is not a documentary for god’s sake…and the truth you talking about is something which nobody would ever really know … facts get distorted by either side of the fence when they reach public… but then what i was echoing was a simple plain similarity that I saw in the way things get setup especially when elections are on the horizon…

    But, now I would definitely like to learn more elaborately from you…since you seem to know a lot about their history….

  3. hi aditi… i would like to term what you have written as idealism. Idealist solutions should be the aim not the expectation. In life you seldom get correct answers for there are no correct answers. USA took a little less than 250 years to elect a black president. I would like to term what is happening in US as a healthy debate so long as it does not give rise to a wide spread violence. And it is only at situations like these that a nation evolves. i say cheers US, have a hard debate and at the end of it i hope you stand behind the principles based on which your nation was created.

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