Someone said appraisal…

What I always knew was – Appraisal is something that takes place during the month of April or in the month of December for those who have Jan-Dec cycle. 

To begin with I had never heard of anyone having an appraisal in the month of august… forget about 200% hike. 200% HIKE..????????? Are you kidding….? Of course not…if you don’t know whom I am talking about, well then this is the super elite class of Indian Government MPs who very recently had their appraisal for the stupendous job that they performed for all these years!!! Is the figure 200%??? Huh… You don’t believe me? But yes that’s true (I can see …all super elite MPs blushing pink…)!!! 

Okay then, maybe they must have performed that well, that they got that huge a raise..!!! Oh yes they did… What? You want me to point it out, Sure anything for you… 

To start with, we had a terrific job done while handling aircraft business by Mr. Praful Patel who diverted a whole civilian aeroplane so that his daughter could watch IPL match in the stadium…mind you plane was heading to Delhi but then it just got diverted a bit and halted at Jaipur dropped off his daughter and left for Delhi… big deal boss!!! Hota hai … she was his daughter!!! 

Next we had our very old friend Mr Arjun Singh- yeah the same old education minister…making list of more and more reservations… actually the fact is he himself don’t remember which all bills he has passed on. Infact, some time back, little birdie leaked the news about his own grandson asking him… “I don’t have any quota granddad… where will I get admission now???” So sure this guy needs money to see to it that is grandson can get a paid seat admission… poor him!!!

 Next we have our very own prime minister, Passing Nuke Bill for such shallow cap on the remuneration for God forbid any tragedies that might occur in future…!!!  With this bill, he iterated the fact that life of a single Indian is very cheap, if you take it away, it’s okay, pay some nominal fine and get away with it…!!! 

Common Wealth Games is such a hit worldwide that now many countries who are hosting next world cup, T20 cup, FIFA world cup, etc are taking tips from Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, on how to make away with the wealth (err… Common wealth…errs… Common Wealth games). 

They want to raise a statue of Chhatrapti Shivaji Maharaj, in the Arabian Sea near Gateway of India…why? I feel to appease some section of opposition parties, who they are constantly at loggerheads with… But they can’t afford to complete JVLR project –the prestigious World Bank project in time. Who cares boss? They still have huge time to eat in more money in the process. But seems they don’t get to eat more money in that process so I guess even 200% hike is justified for them..!!! Hmm … maybe!!! 

The hike in salaries stand at 200%… plus

  • every year 1,50,000 phone calls free of charge
  • 18,000 INR for broadband connection
  • INR 14,00,000 in foreign travel ( one return ticket can go to avg INR 50,000  that makes it 28 foreign trips ever year… free free free…)
  • Residence in Delhi-Rental 9,00,00 each year ( that comes to INR 75,000 rental per month…well actual rentals are less than half of that….)
  • And much more…

 Frankly, I am exhausted counting their perks!!! All in all I know, now Government will spend almost INR 50 lakhs for each MP of India, India as in we taxpayers that is, in return of roads with potholes (err… potholes with roads in btw them…), increasing unemployment, Marathi-Hindi clashes in the society, shabby CWG in Delhi, extreme unrest in the valley once again…Eternal clashes between Naxals and other Eastern and north eastern states, pitiful state of Indian Hockey (National game) and above all the issue of terrorism and a nuisance country called PAKISTAN!!!

 Every now then, we do hear many public figures exclaiming that we should rise to the occasion and fight it back and we should raise our voice and defeat our enemy called terrorism…but very honestly, we are a bunch of tolerant people who are extremely timid to take any steps, what with the fear looming that someone might just bump us off this world if we raise our voice… didn’t I tell you Indian life is too cheap!!!! A newspaper daily carried a front page headline stating that Mumbai police has started a face book account and has urged people to spy on in the city and report anyone breaking a law, along with photo proofs on to it and then they would look into it.  Well , no harm in being so tech savvy, but guess it’s time to implement hard rules that would make people fear a person in uniform than think of him as some tech savvy jerk waiting for next update to be posted by public on his face book account!!!

 Gosh, we drifted from our topic; well getting back to the 200% hike in salaries… this got implemented very recently on the background of already implemented 6the pay commission- revised salary rates for all these MPs…!!! And the best part is , they dont have retirement clause in their employment!!! Some people are sure very lucky in life!!!

Wondering… will I ever get a hike of even 50% ????


One thought on “Someone said appraisal…

  1. Now..after all that what is the learning from it…
    forget the dreams of becoming I-banker.. go for the MP..if everyone thinks this way..may be things might change a little what say?

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