Short story: Do all relationships come with a past??

This post is for the Soch Lo Indibloger contest…Do all relationships come with a past?

Now,I know what love is all about…

‘People come and go and what leave behind are footprints…’ what a clichéd line you may feel…. Sharon felt it too… but then life did something so drastic with her thoughts that all things which seemed fake and unreal to her started making sense!!!

Childhood for Sharon was all about her… petty quarrels with big brother, keeping her foot down for lot of stupid things and crying over to get it, she had done that all. Sometimes, those things were really important to her but then once certain threshold phase would go; those things made no sense to her, forget about liking them… this was her first brush with knowing her true self that she gets bored of things easily!!!

Things, one can still understand but her parents, especially mother was worried for she hoped that this tendency doesn’t creep in while dealing with people. Sharon used to argue saying-‘how can I ever get bored of people???’ She used to ask her-‘have I ever got bored of you? No right? because it can’t be… people whom I love and who love me can’t bore me…simple!!! ’ her mother had no answer to this… only that she secretly prayed to God to make her daughter see the better side of life and generate some compassion in her heart…!!!

Circa 1990… Sharon was 16 and by far the only girl in her group minus a boyfriend while cupid was busy playing games with all her other friends. It was hard for her, to understand her friends who would dress up in order to please their boyfriends although those outfits looked horrible on them.  She used to mock them saying that ‘its better I don’t have to do this in my life…’ But on inside, she was a confused person about this whole dating theory.

For a girl who never in her life gave more importance to anyone other than her own sweet self, it was not only tough but a personality changing step to fall for someone and make him ultra special in her life. She had two options to deal with this, fall to peer-pressure or stay away from all this. Quite obviously, she chose the latter.

At the age when most of her friends were basking in the sweetness of gifts that they received from their boyfriends, Sharon would question in her mind –‘is this all necessary to do at this time?? Am I wrong somewhere in not wanting this??? ‘And this confusion made her more indifferent and irritated with the dating concept. As most girls would start discussing their love life once they met each other, Sharon stayed away from them as far as possible. Now, most of her best friends were guys… who didn’t gossip about their love life, even if they had it!!! She liked the fun part of being with them… she was one amongst them… she would hang out ,watch movies, play bowling, study with them and with each passing year, she started changing too.  Now she was more of a party maker, less on temper and more on fun….less on rules… and high on life!!! Indeed Sharon was happy in her self life!!!

Ross- fit, 5”9 was a happy go lucky guy, upbeat about life, easy going, and level headed. He used to say-‘Life is too short, why waste it worrying???’ He was one those guys who would date girls just for the fun of it. But as he would get to know the girls more, the narrow-mindedness which they possessed about relationships would scare him and he would run away as far as possible from them. Frankly, he was never serious for any of the girls he dated .For all Ross knew was healthy flirting, dating and good bye.

It was one of those university days when Sharon was late as usual for the presentation that she bumped into Ross. She heard a loud shriek from behind her that almost numbed her ears. She turned around to find a straight out of bed looking guy balancing files in his hands and running towards her cab. ‘We are in same university, don’t worry, I have no intentions to harass you, I am getting late for my lectures, can we go together???’ and the moment his statement was over, he was already inside the cab. Sharon had no other option, but to take this jerk along with her since she was in no mood to argue with anyone that would delay her presentation even more.

After taking some quick breaths, Ross thanked her for the ride. Sharon at once exulted –‘don’t thank me you jerk, pay half the bill and get on with life’. Since then there have been many altercations between them, and later they both were the thickest of the friends that the university ever saw. Many times sitting beside each other all they talked was silence and both knew that they had the best conversation ever in their life.  Ross and Sharon never judged each other and they never had to justify their actions too. They respected each other’s individuality and strived to never interfere in each other’s personal space. Ross was her punch bag whenever she was frustrated with her life. Sharon was often the middle person who would introduce Ross to girls who he wanted to date next… At times, she felt stupid and sick of helping him this way but she always knew that he meant no harm to any girl and that it was all in healthy spirit of flirting!!! Sharon knew all the tactics that he used to date girls and he knew very well that Sharon was one no nonsense girl to be handled with care…. Their friendship indeed was one of its kinds… Ross liked listening to all the girly gossip that she would bring… and Sharon liked listening to his dating escapades feeling pity for all the girls he dated… They were two real buddies in their own world!!!

After graduation years, a girl who was so self centric had changed a lot. There was someone in her life, someone who knew her well, who respected her, who cared for her, who was there for her always, who meant happiness to her. There was Ross in her life and her mother had rightly noticed that but their friends thought that they meant only friendship and nothing else. Also, with a girl like Sharon, anything apart from friendship was a distant dream. And Ross respected her for that. At times, he did feel that if ever any person on this earth can handle him, it can be Sharon only, for she knew him far too much than he knew himself. But, relationship and Sharon were two different entities…and he knew that too. Ross never uttered the word ‘relationship’ in front of her although there was part of him that had started loving her since more than anything, she was his best friend and this friendship was too precious for him to lose it for anything in this world.

Dejected Ross moved NY in search of better career prospects when Sharon started meeting guys her parents had shortlisted for her marriage alliance. Nothing seemed to click between her and the guys she met for they were either too ‘taking for granted’ types or they were too timid to hold their fort against Sharon…Indeed handling Sharon was not everyone’s cup of tea!!!

Her mother finally confronted her over Ross and their friendship… Sharon was stunned since no one in her life had ever questioned her whether she liked Ross??? She fumed, she argued, she cried  because for once she was realizing that whatever her mother spoke today, was all true!!! She was indeed searching another Ross in all the guys she met. She knew Ross was gone never to be back. And if he does then it might be lot of years later, probably with his wife and children to meet her and her family. She realized the longing and love she had in her heart for Ross for the first time in her life, and she realized that love was not all that bad; it was much more than just giving and receiving gifts, it was much more than just calling each other every 1 hour to ask about whereabouts, it was more than just being together all the time. She realized that love was to trust a person unconditionally, to stand by him through all the thick and thin and to live moments of life together than just being together. Finally, Sharon was in love.

It was 9th august 2010, and there were Ross’s birthday celebrations!!! Being married for good 10 years, Sharon was now a loving wife and a caring mother. And, Steve and Ross were integral part of her life what with Steve being her strength while Ross -her biggest weakness!  Steve had woven a blanket of affection and love around Sharon which made her feel secured, loved and cared!!!  Being by her side in all her insecurities, Steve ensured that he was not only a loving and doting husband but also her best friend whom she could always trust and fall back on… He not only loved her but also adored and respected her. Steve had filled the void in Sharon’s life so perfectly that her past never made any difference in her present life and Ross, their 8 yr kid was the reason why Sharon understood, what being beside your love forever meant…

Circa 2001, winter was chillier than it ever was…Sharon was happy in her marriage life and Steve made sure his wife- his love of life was never short of anything!!! As the maid was about to finish her daily chores, house bell rang musically and she paced to open the door. From the corner of her eye Sharon gave a glance to who was at the door and froze the moment she saw him!!! For a second she thought she must be hallucinating… or maybe she has overslept. But after another stunned minute, it finally sank in. She was indeed seeing him in flesh and blood at her doorstep. He was looking skinnier than before, and with nicely tucked in shirt and crisp ironed trousers Ross looked even more handsome than he ever did. Ross was overjoyed on seeing her. He took a step ahead to hug her just like old times…but braked in his path… for the indifference and discomfort in her eyes was unsettling for him. Ross understood as he always did!!! Sharon was happy and she had moved on in her life he observed. Nevertheless, she welcomed him in her house. After exchanging pleasantries, and talking for good 3 hours, Ross wished Sharon the very best for her life.

That night, Sharon decided to let Steve know about Ross and what he had meant for her at some point of time in her life. After dinner, Sharon spoke at lengths about Ross. Steve listened to her each single word with utmost caution, and gave all his ears to what she was saying. In the end, Sharon was in tears and she said-‘we are married Steve, you are my husband, my present and my future, but the kind of lovable Sharon you see today is Ross-made!!! He made me to see what love is all about… what being for each other meant …Ross is gone Steve …. And I am here not because we are still in a relation but because I want to be here in this moment with you… not because Ross deserted me few years back but because you made me to see that Ross-like love in your eyes each single day…and I for once now know, whom I love unconditionally… and Steve that person is you and will be you forever…  ’. Steve took her shivering frame by his arms and the moment was sealed. Steve and Sharon were married and it was for life!!!

Another year down, Sharon was expecting her first child. She was over ecstatic and so was Steve…

Amidst all the celebrations and parties, Steve named the baby – Ross!!! Sharon’s eyes moistened. The word ‘commitment’ had just started making sense to her!! She realized that it was not about saying ‘I love you’ 10 times in a day… but it was about saying-‘I know what you want ‘one time in a day!!! Past can never be ignored but it all depends on your present, on how it wants the past to affect the future life!!! And Steve made sure there was no room for any Ross to ever make a comeback…

Indeed, all relationships have some past, sometimes it’s pleasant and sometimes it’s weird… sometimes it’s pitch-dark and sometimes it’s the source of light that brightens your future life path…Soch Lo… but life is too short to waste it worrying…Ross came, he saw her, he loved her, he changed her and he went away … and what got left behind were his footprints that changed Sharon’s life and made it more lovable and innocent!!!

And on Ross’s 8th birthday, Sharon and Steve were the cutest couple on the dance floor while Ross was indeed a lucky chap to have them as his parents!!!

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12 thoughts on “Short story: Do all relationships come with a past??

  1. Hey, I am half way through and I have this kind of feeling…..Plz, don’t let Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra or Uday Chopra know about this….

    They would be dieing to make this a run-of-the-mill story…shoot in all foreign locales possible with fabulous song sequences and skimpily clad heroines and artists and make is a Block Buster…!

    Yeah, not kidding…seen it many a times happen 😉

    Do let me know, when it happens….Now, getting back to the rest of the story…! 🙂

    • lolzz…..
      I promise i wont let that happen…!!! 😛

      I m really happy u r likin it…already…
      Fiction is something that I hav picked up lately… and hence I am still an amateur at it…

      but words like these encourage beyond imagination..!!!!
      Thanks a ton!!! 😀

  2. Well, the ending is too filmy….! it can’t be like that i real life…!

    Quoted :

    “Indeed, all relationships have some past, sometimes it’s pleasant and sometimes it’s weird… sometimes it’s pitch-dark and sometimes it’s the source of light that brightens your future life path…”

    Well, this part can be true…yes it turn’s your life and brings in a new beginning…but you can’t have another ROSS in life…!

    It is my side of view for your story…but a decent and entertaining attempt. I could see a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood mix there…! 🙂

    Nice story, keep writing….!

    PS: Please ignore comments that make an impression on to ur mind…! They aren’t worth the effort you have taken…! 🙂

    • Well… yes the ending is filmy..!!!! I agree … n now looking back at the story… even i feel mebbe the ending cud hav been different…mebbe more realistic… but then i wanted to show that, now what Steve did was something she relates the idea of ‘Love’ with … and not what Ross brought in her life… the way i showed became thoda filmy..!!!
      😛 😛 😛
      I shall keep that in mind for next piece of fiction for sure….

      Keep visiting… and I will see to it that u r not disappointed…. 😀

  3. A very pretty story. Done well with emotions and plot, but I guess you should space the paragraphs and dialogues so that your reader doesn’t feel strained while reading them. just a suggestion.

    take care and keep writing


  4. A very pretty story. Done well with emotions and plot, but I guess you should space the paragraphs and dialogues so that your reader doesn’t feel strained while reading them. just a suggestion.

    take care and keep writing

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