Germany…u disappointed me!!!!

I am disappointed today… Didn’t ever expect that my favorite team and my favorite player would play so badly in FIFA world cup… 

To hell with the so- called Octopus who predicts match results… all I wanted was a genuine fight and genuine struggle to win…sadly, I could see neither..!!! 

Absence of Mueller was not the issue… but the temperament of players was!!!! Klose, Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Ozil form a formidable side in itself… all they wanted was a positive frame of mind to get over the octopus prediction and see to it that their fans won’t believe the octopus theory ever again… but, guess what, now the octopus is next to GOD …!!! SICK!!!! 

After showing no sympathy towards a team like Argentina… Germans were not supposed to bow out of tournament so shabbily…!!! Nobody expected that!!! 

The go-getters Germans were reduced and confined to only their half defending and trying to get a glimpse of ball for themselves…Neither could they find gaps within Spanish attack nor could they create true German styled pacy attacks. First half was drowsy with almost nothing great to look out for …except missed header by Puyol… and another well saved attempt by German Goalie Neuer and of course there was an episode of a fan sprinting all the way in the ground and two cops behind him and I guess that was more entertaining than the rest of first half. 

Ball possession was the major issue….Spaniards didn’t allow the ball to slip out of their control for too long… they were all over the field diving, running, dodging the ball and doing everything possible in their capacity to keep Germans as far away as possible from the ball and their half of the field!!! Spaniards too missed out on so many opportunities themselves… there was a diagonal pass from Pedro to Villa which villa missed out on…and also the famous Pedro attempt to put ball in the goal which was thwarted by a German defender, but which was a potential goal had it been passed to Torres…But amongst all, must say the missed opportunity by Kroos did cost Germany heavily!!! 

Had Germany played well and lost then I would have applauded Spain for their awesome display but with Germany playing so horrible, it made me to shut off the TV and reach out for my bed well before match actually ended!!! Most of the German players were heard giving bites to print media prior to the match that this match is crucial… Spain’s are favorites… they are the best team in the world…!!!! All agreed that yes Spain are Euro champs as well and yes they are a good side and of course one should be modest… but not to the extent that it can start making you feel weak and underdogs..!!!! A team that can beat Argentina 4-0 can never be an underdog!!! Along with above mentioned statements… Mueller’s absence and Paul the Octopus BABA’s prediction…proved to a catalyst in changing a formidable and ferocious German side into meek and nervous team that only aimed at not conceding any goals…but didn’t aim at scoring some!!! 

Often, “NOT FAILURE BUT LOW AIM IS CRIME….” …so true!!! 

Miroslav Klose – my favorite footballer and the only reason I root for Germany also the winner of golden boot last world cup … didn’t get any opportunity to display his talent!!! Poor passes…bad playing strategy… mental pressure…wet field… did Germany in!!! 

Spaniards must be applauded for their amazing control over ball… although I feel Spanish too weren’t at their best that day!!! But if we go by “may best team win approach” then I guess Spain deserved more!!! 

But, am I disappointed? Yes I am…!!!! I am sulking since yesterday!!!


5 thoughts on “Germany…u disappointed me!!!!

  1. C’mon .. don’t demean a team which defied all odds to be in the semi finals .. they played way above any expectation from them. They are perennial overachievers! Look at their consistency .. 11 World Cup semifinals .. more than any other team! And last 3 or so world cups .. they have at least made it to semi finals!! No one was even talking about them when the World Cup started. How many people expected them to win against the so-called ‘Superstars’ of England or against people like Messi and Tevez of Argentina! No one.. absolutely no one .. No one even once mentioned them in the likely candidates for winning it … Trust me .. this is a team with an average age of 24 odd .. and their most effective player Mueller is 20! Klose maybe the only casualty in the next world cup (due to age) and I expect most of this team to be unchanged for the next one .. and I won’t be surprised if they come as favourites and win it outright next time …I agree with you that Spain is team full of superstars and they are indeed a better team right now .. playing wonderful soccer .. My bet is that if Arjen Robben can be stopped, then Spain have a chance .. otherwise their defnce is going to be really tested and they might find that teh Dutch are third time lucky .. 😉

    • No ways i am demeaning them… Infact i hav high regards for them that i always thought they r gonna win this!!! And i am disappointed since dat didnt happen… but yes u cant take away spanish efforts who didnt allow Germans to barge ahead…
      Of course I like German Team and will forever support it come wht may n i noe next world cup its gonna be German for sure n i think klose wud still be arnd at that time.. dont noe but gut feeling says!!!
      With Mueller gettin golden boot…de r sure to reign in future…but had they won this time too, it would have been cherry on the icing!!!

  2. Take heart that such a young team reached so far…without Ballack at the helm..Few gave them much chance, the way they raped such a confident looking Argentina was perhaps their biggest achievement…:) My world cup ended with Brazil’s exit..:(

    • ohh yes.. dude… its jus that I am disappointed because i wanted them to win. simple…Had they won this…i would have gone nuts celebrating dat!! Jus that i expected a lot from them… n de lost!!1 but yes de r truly stars!!! with such young team they played superbly fantastic!!! Btw. the argentine Rape was the best highlight of the WC 2010!!!! 😀

  3. So totally agree with you. I fell sick that night due to food poisoning and was halfway puking my guts out while the match began. Later, as I lay on the bed, weakly following the proceedings, I just wanted the match to be over. The agony to be done with.

    I refused to take out the german jersey off my FB page…I too had high hopes on their performance. Guess, it is always best not to keep too high hopes.

    It is really sad if they DID believe the Octopus. How can they give up even before they played? Disappointing indeed.

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