Eurotrip: 3 days of trying not to be on trip….

At 10.30 in the night, Sun had just gone home and the sky was dark reddish with hues of purple scattered all over… was it spectacular? You bet!!!

Beds were amazingly cozy and fluffy (I know cakes are called fluffy and not beds…!) … and the moment I jumped in it… I almost sank in it… Pullover supplied enough warmth that although temperatures were freaking low… I could sleep peacefully!!!

True colors of bed were visible; the morning thereafter… sinking deep in the bed whole night, my back ached like hell..!!! It asked for stability, for strength, for security… don’t laugh guys… sleeping on incorrect bed whole night can never give you pleasant experience!!!! Trust me!!

My Euro trip was not the real reason; I was visiting Brussels to appear for one of my entrance exams, for which my center was Brussels –Belgium. It gave me perfect setting to club it along with my Euro trip one which I was planning since January. My exam was on 5th June , Saturday and hence 3rd and 4th were the days which went mostly in showing off that yes I am studying… and roaming about in the local markets of Brussels… most important part of this exploration was tram no 81,84 that goes to Montgomery.

Cut out the studies part… let’s not talk on that…!!! Let me begin with my exploration…

On 3rd, we got up early in the morning at 11 and kept on blaming each other for waking up so early..!!! Btw… That means India time we got up at 2.30 pm… lolzzz… Eating through the thick oat porridge was almost making me to miss my office half-cooked poha all the more… (i.e. Because I hate THICK oat porridge…I like it thin and kheer-like). With tummies full we (me, my bhabi, and her sister) headed for morning jog… (There morning jogs can be taken anytime of the day…I loved their flexibility). Running through the dense greenery of Jubel Park was not only soothing but it also healed my back pain to some extent!!! We couldn’t keep up with the pace of other regular runners there, but we were decent… After almost half an hour of running and stretching we headed for home…this time taming the tram and plunging on the foot… but an Indian woman will always be a gharelu Indian woman, then she may stay in any part of this world!!! The moment she sees ‘market’ she will jump in with the force and swiftly walk around collecting her vegetables, yoghurt, beans, eggs, kiwis, strawberries… and what not!!! That’s my sweet bhabi for you!!! Bribe for bearing up with this shopping was a box full of strawberries (delicious and yummy) and freezing ice cream at a joint on the way back..!!! I had never tasted such yummlicious and beautilicious yellow colored vanilla ice cream ever!!!! Well, color yellow since originally Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids (if authentically made…) unlike what processed vanilla ice cream we get in India..!!!!

We came back by 2 in the afternoon, and realized that we haven’t had our lunch. Time for my bhabi to get panic…!!! After lot of struggle in the kitchen bhabi cooked delicious food and we finally ate , bathed and finished our morning chores by 5….rest of the time was spent mostly in TPing around.

After my bro was home we headed to THE GRAND’PLACE (Grote Market – Market Square) – place famous for all sorts of markets and eating joints and pizzerias…!!! We took tram from our place till Merode metro station and thereafter took metro till Gare centrale to reach the market square… it was a huge square with ancient historic buildings surrounding all around it…there is also bourse- the stock market of Brussels just round the corner, which keeps on buzzing with people at all the times… all n all it is one of the crowded place in Brussels that turns into this hep place for all youngsters, alcohol connoisseurs, fashion babes to strut their stuff post 6.30 pm !!!


 We had dinner at pizzeria that served Veg pizza called ‘fungi’ (not fungi as in fungus but fungi as in phungee) and its core ingredients were mushrooms..!!!! God I hate fungi….aaarghh mushrooms!!!! I had to make do with pizza vegetariana of which I removed almost all out of this world looking toppings and converted it into pizza maragerita… but nevertheless it was WOW!!! 

 4th was the day of almost no outing, since it was the day prior to my exam and at least I needed to show on my face that-‘yes exam matters to me more than Euro trip’…!!! Spoke to my mom and dad over VoIP and god for the first time in life I actually felt that, I was indeed very far away from them….!!! Taking blessings from them for the exam, I retired for that day on the same sinking bed with the hope that I write exam the next day properly.

It was dawn of 5th… clock showed 6 am and there stood my bhabi a.l.a my dad style who wakes me up every day at home and shouting-‘get up girl…else u gonna miss your exam…the thing u r here for!!!’ I was supposed to go to International school of Brussels which was good 40 minutes away from the house. Again, we changed from tram to train to bus and then on foot to reach at it..!!!! Didn’t I tell u that going from one place to another; you at least need to change 3 modes of transport minimum..!!!! School was extremely scenic and beautiful… situated on a hillock it had everything necessary for the development of the child’s overall growth!! It had swimming pool, athletics track, martial arts section, gymnasium, football ground, tennis courts, basketball courts, theatre, play area, etc and much more!!! Above all it catered to children of 3 till 16..!!! It was my seen till date, most complete and accomplished school!!! Benches were cozy and comfortable … birds chirping around made atmosphere pleasant!!! And for the first time in my life, on exam day, I actually felt most relaxed!!!

Exams got over like a whiff and the actual Euro trip was about to begin..!!! 😀

I was extremely anxious as to what lay next from here… one goal down… only next goal in sight was ‘Grottes caves at Aywaille…!’

Felt like 3 days went like wind…and I hardly had chance to stop breath it… feel it… experience. Topic on the dinner table was quite obviously … how was my exam? Mom asked over phone ‘how was your exam?’ friends tweeted and inquired on FB how was my exam?? Frankly I was frustrated and tired of answering everyone hence let me take this opportunity to declare that, “Exam was good…!!! Don’t ask me to predict marks now… coz my predictions are as good as MET department of Mumbai! PERIOD.”

That’s the way… aha aha…!!!


8 thoughts on “Eurotrip: 3 days of trying not to be on trip….

  1. To see sunset at 12 midnight would have been a different experience. If you are addicted to this habit of having a sip of coffee with the sight of sunset, you would have made the whole of your bro’s place go mad… Good to read your good times on your Eurotrip. Btw, I thought you are already done with your schoolings ( 😉 :P)


  2. You turned me into a typical gharelu housewife (?!?)….running to the supermarkets..struggles in the kitchen…that’s so funny and not so me!!

    • hahahaha…oh c’mon … thats just a part of u…remember we went for jogs…as well..!!!
      neways…that was just day 2,3,4 … many more euro trip days are in pipeline.. and all the wild(ahem decent wild) things that we did .. are gonna be out of box soon..!!!! you wont be disappointed reading them for sure..!!!! 😛

  3. Hey you are factually wrong dear … the sun sets by 10.00 pm and there is darkness by 10.30 and not midnight. For midnight sun, you need to travel a lil’ northwards to Finland 😉 .. maybe on your next Euro trip 😛

    • Glad to noe that u read my posts atleasttttt…….!!!!
      fyi…the factual error has been rectified…!!!

      hope to see you more here…minus ur error scanner… 😛


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