I hate luv storys…

I have never complained with whatever films Karan Johar had produced till date because all movies that he had produced and not directed have been masterpieces in some way or other!!! (Counting kal ho na ho, wake up sid, dostana in them…)

I must say I am having huge expectations with I hate luv stories (IHLS)… the movie which brings together chocolate boy Imran Khan and bubbly girl Sonam kapoor!!! Well, Imran is looking really yummy in the film and sonam is equally looking great in this. Overall, it seems to be glamorous way of depicting typical male tendency of running away from the word ’LOVE’ and typical female tendency to totally believe in mushy romance..!!!!

I happened to listen to the title track of IHLS the one sung by Vishal Dadlani… and boy was I awed?? I was horribly wowed!!! It’s super awesome..!!!

Jo mil gaye chora-chori..hui masti thodi thodi…
bass pyar ka naam na lena… I hate luv stories…

Its amazingly peppy number, the one which you would love listening at full volumes in your car driving on Expressway speeding above 100kmph…heading towards Goa ( Goa is my all time fav n hence it inadvertently keeps coming back in my references….). Vishal has sung it not so Vishal way … for a minute I thought that maybe it’s sung by Sridhar (Bombay vikings fame), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is Vishal who has sung it…Everything abt the song makes you feel good… lyrics, beats, music, Vishal’s voice… and above all his rap singing that makes you to start tapping your feet..!!!

I feel after a long time Vishal-Shekhar has come up with one of the most powerful music album of this year…!!! What with songs like ‘Bin tere’ , ‘jab mila tu ’ , ’sadka’, and ‘bahara’… equally different and soulful and funky..!!!!

Now, my expectations with this film are sky-rocketing what with kites having fallen flat on its face..!!! Well Kites was horrible story with over hyped advertising..!!! People aren’t fools to not see the worth material of it. The fate of kites was certain from day 1. Poor Hrithik..!!!

But somehow, I have a gut feeling that its gonna be different with IHLS…. The debutant director Punit Malhotra has certainly put his most glamorous foot forward…with his first film!!! I really wish IHLS rocks at the charts..!!!

As for the music of this film, go grab IHLS music album now… it’s worth it..!!!! Totally!!!


7 thoughts on “I hate luv storys…

    • well I had disappeared to europe to my bro’s place n hence was away from blogosphere ..!!! but i wont disappoint ne further and wud be out with new post on my trip soon…

      • Welcome back Adi…Hope you dad din’t take a stick with you to Europe.. Waiting to see our post on the trip


      • Welcome back Adi…Hope your dad din’t take a stick with you to Europe.. Waiting to see your post on the trip..

        I should have a comment editor I guess.. btw I saw one plugin that would allow readers to edit comments. I lost it and I’m searching for it now…


  1. Yup. . I agree with u. . The promos and music of IHLS r nice and catchy. . I also hope the film to rock. . . However bout Kites, i was least interested in the promos from day 1. I guess too much of everything wasted kites.

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