Moving away from you…

You were the best, you still are
And that is reason; you always healed my scars…
You knew me so well, you still do
But this distance somehow, is making us to move
To our destinies, our life paths,
Wherein with our partners we would always belong…
But, my friend you will always remain in my heart,
And the memories you gave me, will forever last.

Whenever you need me, pick up the phone
I am always there, on the other side of the shore…
Happy in my own world, I wish the best for you
Your man is great person, who would never make you blue.

There might come some days, when you shall miss me,
Remember we are on each other’s friend list and you can ping me…
It will be just like old times…
We will be laughing and giggling our way again…
For the two teen girls in us can never fade away…!!!!



9 thoughts on “Moving away from you…

  1. Hey aditi, lovely post. . Sometimes when i’m sad bout something i remember my teenage days when no one else was more important than friends. . Miss it a lot. . But those friends now, some are lost and with some i still have contact but it is not the same as in those days. .

    • Sigh!!! I too recollect my college days n then its like pleasant feeling for a minute or two n then kind of gloomy, sad feeling for I know those days are not gonna come back!!!! Thats life…

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