Short Story: The home-coming

She forgot her cousin’s b’day…she didn’t realize that it was Saturday and hence no school work…she didn’t understand a word on television even though it was airing her fav series…& she didn’t realize that it was almost 6 in the evening and she was  still sitting idly on the couch, watching television  since morning 11…

Where was she???

What the hell was wrong with her..??? Was she slowly turning into a big jumbo nerd or bozo..???? Or was it that, she was simply not in herself..??? But why??? Maybe because, he was returning back after almost 3 months!!!  What crappy reason is this, she thought. Crappy – to the extent that it scared the hell outta her…Was he the reason?

Why then sitting in front of TV, all she could think of was him??? And about the whole lot of things and conversations that had happened between them…she must be super jerk for sure, she concluded.

She quickly got up and went for the shower with the hope that, it will clear out the clutter that’s on in her mind. Changing into her evening gear, she thought of having some fun time with her dogs but seemed nobody was interested, what with her dogs already tired and not in mood to play around.

Deep down inside she was not at ease… something inside was hurting, pulling her down. She was all worried for him and his safe travel. She desperately hoped that everything goes perfectly fine with him, that he remains untouched from any worries and problems. She was even secretly praying to Lord that “let him be fine, let him be in good shape, let him have all the joys in life”. For once, she was eagerly waiting for the night to come – when he was supposed to come to her place.

His presence had some magnetic aura that simply pulled her towards him every time. She loved talking to him, loved listening to him. She liked the twinkle in his eye when he said anything funny and smiled like a million bucks!!! She loved a slight wrinkle that would appear every time he would frown at her. She always thought that there was something in her that was so much like him…and she could also find traces of her in him… For an orphan like Gracie, Albert was all she had!!!

The very thought of his comeback was so pleasing her that she got far removed from reality and lost in her past life that they had together. For Albert, she was his source of light, which would enlighten his path towards happiness and survival; she was the only reason why he was still alive after massive accident in his 4o’s.  While for her, Albert meant Family, Belonging, and her only Relation!  Roger tried hard to pacify her and make her concentrate on pleasant things but nothing seemed to work on her troubled psyche.

 Work had brought her to Milan 3 months back but their parting was painful for both. She was worried for him, since it was his first ever trip from far away land to Milan. She never meant to desert him this way, but he convinced her that they shall remain in touch and would visit each other. With a heavy heart she had moved out of his house and settled in Milan. But, now the day had come she was eagerly waiting for, 2 days later there was wedding!!!

She was thrilled and worried both at the same time. He was to travel 18 hours by flight to reach her. The very thought of flight journey made her uncomfortable. All ill thoughts about his flight journey would clog her mind and she would fight hard to unclog it and concentrate on her daily chores. This kept happening the whole day!!!

 Finally clock struck 10 in the night and there stood Albert at the doorstep waiting eagerly to hug her. Seeing Albert, Gracie ran at once and hugged him tight… his fragile body warmed with her love!! Roger too joined them and Gracie at once announced …. “Now my family is complete!!! With my grandpa by my side, Roger, now you can ask me out officially!!!”

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18 thoughts on “Short Story: The home-coming

    • hey vasu… thanks man!! u seem to be one loyal reader of my blogs!!! 😀
      I tried my hand at twist in the end… 😦 seems you thought that as romance… it was actually a bond between grandad n his granddaughter..!!! I hope you got that right..that she is marrying roger…!!! if not .. then.. my writing needs serious introspection… 😛 😛 😛 and that my twist in the end… is flop!!!… waitin to hear from u…

  1. Well I read it right and read it well. And yeah I liked the twist, though I was half expecting it.

    The romance is the untold story of Roger. I place myself in his shoe as a man, and if I had to wait for my GFs grandpa to come before I can ask her out, I would be like what crap!

    “Roger tried hard to pacify her and make her concentrate on pleasant things but nothing seem to work on her troubled psyche”.

    If I was Roger, I may have given up, but then again, it also depends on how cute Gracie is 🙂

    Also, there is a certain old world charm in your story of a young girl waiting for her grandpa’s approval, and a young man waiting along…that is what I meant by light-hearted romance

    P.S: Do you like Amol Palekar movies….have you seen Baaton Baaton mein?

    • 😀 Yess!!!!! I got it !! I got it!!! thanks vasu cant say how much ur analysis matters..!!!

      I love amol palekar films!!!!!! Baaton Baaton me is one of my favs..!!!! I am huge Hrishikesh Mukherjee fan.. love all his movies..!!! 😀

      • Yes I love that genre of films as well. That is why I was able to make an immediate connection. Good story…If your reader can be engaged and put some flesh and blood to the characters, that’s a good progress! I think you can put more effort on the grammar and structure, but since i haven’t written even a single fictional blog yet, I would give credit to you for a good attempt.

  2. Hi Aditi,

    Stumbled onto your blog, and felt good to read a short story. Taking the liberty to post my thoughts 🙂

    A pleasant read. The build was good, and required a twist to close 🙂 Neat and light.

    I also felt that the flow was a little jerky at times. Anonymity at times is required for a twist at the end, but due to lack of adequate characterisation, the user can be misled. A few more lines and it could have been real great.

  3. Hm… kahani mein twist….
    Mein to bewakuf ban gaya… I was thinking that Albert must be Gracies bf or hubby… but u got me!!! loved the story..

      • Hey, You said you will read the other parts…of the story got bored, eh?!

        I was expecting a line of comment from you on each one! And about your comment – I am writer who also have a long way to go…! 🙂

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