the Spicy Ariens….

“That’s my place and dude, be careful next time before sitting on this place again!!”(With aggression which not even Hitler can match

“You asking me, whether you have put on weight? (With extra surprised look on face)Well… c’mon you were always fat (with straight face and chilling casualness)!!!” 

“Guess what I was the first one to finish up the assignment in the class and get it corrected before anyone else…” (The pride literally licking out of the corners of the mouth

“You can’t even tell me that yes sweetie … I love you!!!!… c’mon, now do something to make me feel important…” (With an air of importance and self praise

I guess this intro should suffice my title the Spicy Ariens’…

Actually, I haven’t marked the day when I became friends with Aries but life carved such a path for me that, at every juncture, I was greeted by none other than Ariens, and well spicy ones at that!!!

Life has never been same after that… either I am taking orders from them… or sometimes if I try and learn two things from them then maybe I am giving orders as well… 

I had a friend in my good old engineering days …well she still is a friend… who is one of those classic cases of true Ariens!!! The day a new assignment was put up on notice board she was always the first to complete it. Now, we engineers are renowned either ways for being Xerox machines … so I never felt any guilt in asking her assignment so that I could chapofy (copy them)..!!! Now this girl, she never said ‘NO’ to me for any assignments in fact she trusted me totally that, I would take good care of her assignments… but then there was always a condition-‘She would first go find the m’ am and get it corrected and then hand it over to me…’ even if it means I have to wait for 3 odd hours to get the assignment in my hand..!!!! (What the ***k is logic behind waiting 3 hours to get the assignment??? I would have very well finished it in 3 hours… but no people… for her it was a question of her being the first or second in getting it corrected…SUCCHHH A LIFE CHANGING DECISION…!!! ) And hence I always helped her in achieving her position and pride while waiting for the assignment to fall in my hands..!! Guys, see I am so adjusting… (Libran working at that…) 

Let’s begin with impressing Ariens:

My cheat tip to shop for Ariens is … try and find anything in color ‘red’… its sure gonna be instant hit!!!  Because red is their color… the Arien color!!! It’s the color of aggression, domination, and love!!!  Today my friend has turned out into a fine person possessing a red car, 75% of her wardrobe is red, red sleep-ons, red osho chappals, and above all red streaks in her hairs..!!! I am out here giving one of the most important tip to all you guys having Aries girlfriend- take her shopping … let her shop of her choice… don’t interfere in her shopping and allow her to take red stuff over and over again…and voila.. You are the best boyfriend in this world!!! Tried and tested formula by her boyfriend… and he totally swears by it..!!! 

Now you will ask me- what is difference in Aries girl and any other girl in terms of shopping??? Well, then go ahead and tell her that she is gonna look gorgeous in one of the outfits that is displayed in a shop… and she will leave all her aggressive and dominating threads behind and would coyly slip into the outfit pointed out by you, just to please you. They are stupid mysteries, I am telling you… 

Their Aggression:

They are the classic case of hard coconut shell with sweet and soft coconut in it..!!But, it can only be Aries person, where your manager or boss fears you!!! The aggression that they possess, is also visible in their way of talking, walking and even listening…I still remember many names who use to fear talking to her…her gait would resemble a knight straight out of 300 movie, out there to take the revenge and if you wanna explain her something then she will at least give you one hard look in whole of the conversation and you would understand that you owe her your entire life now, for making her to listen you..!!!But this aggression is not bad every time. They are the people, who know how to tackle difficult jerks easily. I could never muster courage to say ‘NO’ to people…since I always believed that , if I have time and doing a particular thing will help someone in some way… then why not go ahead and do it..!!! Of course I was not fool to accommodate such social service in my “Me-Time” but then I would seldom say ‘NO’. But this girl changed all dynamics for me… she taught me few typical tricks of Ariens and people I use them wholesomely today!!! I am happy to say ‘NO’ now..!!! 

Their true self: 

Try and flatter them with over the limit praises and they would boo you in your face!!! They are empowered with sharpest sniffing mechanism that helps them in easily identifying ‘the fake ‘in this world!!  Another cheat tip-“People don’t ever try false flattery”..!!!They might handle criticism, but false flattery … No, never!!! It’s better to not praise them than praising them too much…but hey that does not mean that they don’t like people praising them… I have already mentioned how much they love feeling important, didn’t I??? 

Now, calling spade a spade comes naturally to them…so whenever you ask them questions, be ready to listen to the worst ever possible answer!!!So don’t ask them whether you are fat, when you know yourself that yes you are fat. But in spite of all these characteristics they are by far the most dependable people in this world…what with fakeness not in their way of living. 

They are the first sign of zodiac, and hence they are like the small child who cries for attention, takes impulsive decisions, is impatient and selfish too!!! The quick tempered Aries often speak out so cruel in anger that they themselves don’t understand the gravity of their speech, and many times when they do its already too late. I often advice to control her (my friend) tongue and her anger… but phew!!! Where is she in mood of listening to others??? 

Let us praise them atleast now: 

Aries are the master when it comes to leadership!!! While others like us were busy gathering information about our final year project…she went ahead and got ourselves registered in India’s prestigious organization Bhabha Atomic Research center(BARC) for the same. Taking initiative and setting on its path comes naturally to them…Also, come any crisis, and the ‘ram’ of Aries stands tall to protect her people, their needs and their concerns. Life is all about action, challenges, spontaneity and mastering on every occasion. On the other hand, make her to wait for anything in life and then be ready to face her wrath. Give her advice out of concern and she will feel that you are a lame to do so coz these people hate advices and more so unwanted ones.…But the same person can cry like baby during climax of movies… on final year farewell party…on gifting her old photograph. Who said these people don’t have heart??? They try and protect their vulnerable side from the world and hence the resistance they show to almost everything and everyone. 

Aries and Libra are totally opposite signs and probably that is the reason they gel out so well… each one nullifies the weak point in the other. She is lucky to have me as her best friend… (I love self boasting…) and her boyfriend (a Libran again…) and for all the boyfriends having Aries girlfriend, I am sure she must be their biggest weak point and their strongest one too– all such guys would feel better after reading this line!!! One things Ariens are absolutely paranoid about are ‘dates’!!! Not romantic dates … actual calender dates..!!! Another cheat tip-‘never ever forget important dates…‘. This is area where we librans fall prey to them… as pointed out by my dear friend darpan…we librans believe in seeing the bigger picture while Ariens thrive on minute details….!!! So if you are libran-Arien  girlfrnd-boyfrnd combo…libran one please try and remember dates and atleast ALL of them..!!! 😛

Now I am sure there must be many such Aries incidences which everyone must have experienced in their life… waiting eagerly to listen out from you… (Would soon come up with GEMINI…)

(the pics on the post are taken from internet and are for representational purpose only if anyone has any objections do write in to me… they shall be removed)

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19 thoughts on “the Spicy Ariens….

    • Unfortunately I havent come across many taureans in my life … there is been only one … My big Bro… and childhood was terrible with him… 😛 But I love him…! I guess I need to make more taurean friends now!!! 😛

  1. Hi, first time here, but your post on Aries had me hooked coz I am one…And while I can’t say i felt very charitably treated, must say I had a big LoL…guess some things that you end up doing is courtesy your zodiac…So while you burst my bubble that my crazy routes in life was all my decision, I guess I have to live being the Spicy Arien…Did you mention the loyalty Rams have towards their people? Just trying to help in finding out some good points to us bloody rams…Btw, Agree about the Libran bit too…My father is one and we get along very very well..except that we both have to stay in two different cities for the love to overflow..;)

    • hey hi … welcome to my blog….

      I am glad you had your dose of lol with my blog…and c’mon who said i didnt treat you guys well… i did mention your leadership qualities and bravery and courage to win in any situation!!! 😛 And yes about loyalty.. I totally second you…!! They will even see to it that other person is equally loyal to them… 😛 (from true account)

      Well librans and aries attract to each other like magnets… what with both being totally opposite signs..!!! This attraction might end up in fireworks or in beautiful blend of different mindsets… it can swing neway…

      keep visiting and take care. 🙂

  2. This is my first visit to your site. You make Ariens sound very powerful, indeed! But I’m a rare triple Sag (too much fire!) and a lot of these traits could be attributed to me as well. Interesting. Do Airiens and Sagittarians have a lot in common? I know that we are both active and spontaneous types that love to socialize. Obviously we are both opinionated with a strong sense of humor and low ability to employ tact. And yes, I do love the color red! (I also love the pics you used to illustrate this post.)

    Fun post!!

    Warmest aloha,
    Kay Lorraine
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    • hey kay… thanks for visiting my profile…

      well there is actually some similarity in aries and saggis what with both being masculine signs…hence leading from front, bravery and courage and both being fire signs gives them that agression, slightly ruder approach …but saggis arent that rude as compared to aries…saggis are more warm people … let me put it this way.. if aries are volcanic fire… saggis are the fire in the fireplace of the house that is supposed to give warmth…

      But I truly enjoy company of both the aries and saggis…!!! what with me being a partial saggi too with moon sign and ascendent both saggis..!!! 🙂

  3. Heyy Adi,

    maan gaye ustaad…amazing observation yaar!! I m sure she must have felt “special” after reading this article. Its too tuff to make Ariens feel special coz small things matter too much in their lives, and being Librans, v think big…and often ignore those small things.

    I think u forgot the point on “Ariens remembering stuff” (esp. dates)…thats where v librans fall a prey to them!

    • Hey darpan, long time yaar… I knew this post will find its route till you..!!! And I totally second you on dates issue…!!! Dates and librans have no connection… I have often asked her to give me call on her bday to remind me of it…!!! 😛

      Aries live in smaller things and minute details … and if you dont abide by, then that is warning of short circuit..!!! 😀 But they r extremely lovable people they can even make you laugh in their anger..!!!

      I shall edit post to add dates point !!! thanks for reminding me of it…tc and keep visiting

  4. Hmmm….Well, interestingly written…!

    How about writing about a Pisces…!? I am sure you would have met one…on the way!

    • oh yeah.. you bet!!!
      And must say I am quite amused at a bunch of pisceans that I have met in my life!!! 😛
      well to spill out the beans.. I am actually gonna write next abt pisceans itself!!! 🙂 Keep visiting!!! 🙂

  5. Hmm.. Looks like you have something to do with zodiac signs here 🙂 I’m a Libran. Now I’m gonna look out for a Aries girlfriend. The article is beautifully written. your’s is one of the rarest blogs with a fav-icon on top.

  6. I am an ARIEN, and while I was reading ur post, it felt it was all about me. I can say i m a true arien as per ur analysis. Red is my fav, ha ha luv the attention n praise… not gud wid words though dont mean to hurt but very blunt at times…. but have the aggression for all gud causes .. he he

    would luv to see more of ur zodiac analysis… lovely post it is 🙂

    • hey manju….
      I am so happy that my analysis is so bang on… i used to feel at times that my friend is only one of her kind..!!! but slowly i m realising der r many more… lolzz…but i must tell u…. I hav started respectin Aries much more …. you see I better, with her kinda frnd..!!! heheh… 😛

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