Kill the ‘Silence’…!!!

What do people achieve out of silence?? It’s stupid to say that silence speaks louder than actions..!!! It never does and it never can… coz silence might have language but it doesn’t have any interpreter!!!

Silence can only mean arrogance, ego, pain, fear, loss of words, anger, zero confidence, guilt!!! Well, can that list be said -only???? And how is the other person supposed to understand, what out of above possibilities are you referring to??? It’s like blinding someone’s eyes with a cloth and asking him/her to hit the dart on the board, whose direction he/she has no clue about!!!

Silence can sure mean thousand words… but which thousand words??? CLUELESS….

I am not Einstein to be born with special powers to interpret apple falling is gravity. So why not accept that everyone is not Einstein and make life simpler for everyone around??? Especially me!!!

My outburst is more often than not due to someone’s silence..!!! If you want to curse me, shout at me, scold me, tease me, blame me, hate me, love me… go ahead do it!!! At least let me know that, you think something about me then negative it may be!!! But silence makes me go nuts… well ok; I am quite a jerk myself!!! I agree… I may not get things at first go…If u ask me to guess what’s on, your mind and heart… my guess is gonna be forever wrong!!! So why ask me to guess?? And get hurt instead?? And why not just blurt it out and be relieved and allow me to be sane!!!

Silence not only creates suspense but it sure kills from within as well. So please make life simpler and peaceful … golden rule is to please speak out’…!!!

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24 thoughts on “Kill the ‘Silence’…!!!

  1. I perfectly agree with you on this. Silence helps nothing, rather provokes frustration. Any given time, its better to shout one’s feeling louder than keeping mum.

  2. Hey aditi i think u must be sent to solitary confinement to understand silence. .
    Jokes apart, we guys generally love silence, specially when the silence is from our gf / wife! Ok. . Ok. . i was joking again. . But still thinking y did u write this post about silence. . May be someone asked u to keep silence. .
    Ok now i can see u frowning. . So i guess its my cue to leave . . Bye

    • hahah.. quite liked ur interpretation behind my post… but unfortunately thats not true… nobody asked me to keep quite … i dont think nebody can ever ask me to..!!! 😛 in fact its the other way round… people often keep their mouth shut and hope that others would realise and recognise the feelings hidden beneath that silence…!!!

      Now ur gf or wife’s silence could mean heaven to you… but when she picks up a fight saying-“why cudnt u say urself lets go to movie cant u understand i must have wanted to see that movie !!!” oouch… that will hurt to many guys arnd!!!

      If ur gf or wife wud have directly said u “dear i wanna watch this movie , lets go!!” (now can u imagine the peace I am talking abt…no guessworks, no fights, no hurt feelings…)Thats the whole idea… my post spoke about..!!!

      I guess u need to go thru the post once again to get the real meaning…

  3. Ok if u put it that way, they i’ve no reason to deny it. . . i accept that there is nothing better than a proper communication to avoid misunderstandhogs . . .

    • I knew all guys wud accept that whole heartedly !!! 😀
      this post is actually a rant (oh… shut up girl.. no spilling out the beans…) but its kinda proving a feel good post for guys, what with all the guys promoting my post on IndiBlogger 😛 Thanks savvy for enriching this post with thy comments…

  4. It depends on what is silent. If ones mind is silent then there is a problem. But if it is our vocal cords that is silent then everything is fine. It just means that the mind is relaxing!

    • Hari… first place thanks a lot for going thru my post and commenting to it…

      silence of mind is sure problem…!! About vocal cords… well hmm.. can say it is fine but not in all cases… even I love it when my mom rests her vocal cords which r so tired of playing music for me… its bliss… 😀

      But the point here is, in making things clear and precise by letting people know exactly what you feel ? what you want? We are not God to know everything going on in superbly complex human mind..!!! But sadly we dont speak much about our requirements beforehand and then in process misunderstandings arise out!!! For which more often than not the reason is -MISCOMMUNICATION!!!

      My post is specific re… pertaining to only that type of silence!! But silence of kinds like… Mom not shouting, doggie not barking, cars not honking… are sure welcome!!! 😛

  5. i believe in spreading the tension…….or may it be a happy thought in your mind……i like to share it with people…….it may be about anyone……if you want to make it happen….you have to talk…….

    though i do believe…….talking should sensitive…..i too have tendency of hurting people i’m not that good friends with…….and i tell them something which they misinterpret……..which makes me think why did i do that….?

    • Life is all about sharing!!! Indeed!!! well best part is you know u tend to hurt people.. so y not make an extra effort to see to it that ur thots arent mistinterpreted!!! see, it again ends at more and more communication… 😀 😀 !!!

  6. Ok.. here is my conspiracy theory for your argument. When the understanding has a lacuna even after talk, the silent sorts out things. In my observation, it usually happens when either of the person has absolutely no willingness to listen to other, in such situations the silence makes multitude dimension to each of the individuals thought process which brings in the peace 😀

    • okay … didnt quite understand.. might hav to read again… but then…i dont think so that silence can bring abt peace in situation of distraught …to tone down a situation how can silence be a solution????… one shud instead talk n clear out…

  7. Well, whoever has said “Silence is golden” must be pulling his hairs out after going through your blog. Unfortunately, our civilization entirely hinges upon verbal communication.That’s the whole reason why so many languages evolved around the world. The dynamics of a relationship is also based on verbal communication. Silence rots a relationship. Very thought-provoking blog !!

  8. Silence conveys the state of mind and how I wish words could depict that. And if words come in the way, it hampers true expression. Yup, it might make the other person feel uncomfortable, but there is an eruption inside the silent person too. He is not at peace. It is as if the whole universe might burst inside his mind.
    But then why to get into all this. Get drunk and then talk as much as you want to and thats what I call true expression.

    • so as per u ultimate solution is to get drunk..!!!! okay…i agree to this… even the other person might forget to ask questions and talk once he is also drunk.. peace will prevail truly!!! but then it will be temporary… what with once both in senses…. the same eruption in one’s mind and the same uncomfort in others..!!!! Tikau solution nahi hai boss!!!! 😛

  9. “The surest of stubborn silences is not to hold one’s tongue but to talk”- Kierkegaard

    The above point supports your say !!! But that is existential philosophy !!!

    Nevertheless sometimes even words are misunderstood !!! …

      • There is a tamil adage that says “Alavuku minchinaal amudhamum nanju” !!

        Which somewhat means “Even food becomes poison if u increase the intake !!!!”

        So everything has its limits !!! Even words !!!

      • oh never mind.. that days shall come soon… 😛
        what i feel is more than words ‘care’ is needed then be it any bond.. even if someone seeks solace in silence just a single comfortin word… can mean heaven n shelter!!! More than silence how much more and how much less you speak makes difference… In my case i literally thrive on ‘talking’ I can live widout food but cant say the same for talking…. :P:P:P

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