Why hate ‘Shahrukh’???

I often hear people say – 

That Shahrukh Khan, how much he overacts???… I just hate him!!! ” 

IPL match KKR v/s KXIP: – KKR should lose …I don’t want Shahrukh to win!!!” 

I have always wondered as to what in him makes people to hate him so much??? I agree the mass of people who love him is far more than the ones who hate him…but I am pained to see the reason behind that mass of people who hate him!!! 

He is forever all over the place promoting his film…. he supports his friends to the “T” … he owns an IPL team and looks after every need of his team… makes classy team uniform , eye catching ads, KORBO-LORBO anthem, brings in more filmy guests for his matches, comes up with advertising strategies to let people of nation give expert opinions for his team, churns tele serials as well now..!!! 

He is an actor, producer, entrepreneur … with career diversified in films like Kabhi haan Kabhi naa, Darr, Bazzigar, DDLJ, DTPH, Don, Chak de India, Swades, Hey Ram, Asoka, etc…and at the same time owner of Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR). He is the highest tax payer in the nation for last consecutive 3 years…. and above all, although being a ‘KHAN’, he is by far the only actor who is literally worshipped in many Hindu households!!! So, where even religion can’t make us to hate him… what is it in him that still makes people to hate him???People may hate his acting… but hating someone as a person sure means a lot!!! 

Okay let me accept that… yes I am a big Shahrukh fan… and that is probably the big reason that I am pained to see people hating him. But then I am Shahrukh fan right from his Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa (KHKN) days…for his portrayal of cute and unlucky in love -Sunil was so genuine that it made him my instant favorite. Later with villainous roles in Bazzigar & Darr, romantic lead roles in DDLJ, Dil toh Pagal Hai(DTPH), he literally created a wave of admiration amongst his fans. People went crazy for him and so did I. At a tender age of 11, what love is all about???- is one topic that Shahrukh and his DDLJ taught me… (Now don’t judge me over this….it only made me to realize one of the human emotions :P) 

In the teens, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (KKHH) gave the perfect dose of friendship and there were lot of us sporting cool chains as neck piece after that. Where DTPH gave new meaning to “someone somewhere is made for u…” JOSH brought the rebels in us to the fore. He is definitely a trend setter what with tight tees of KKHH, cool chains of KKHH to leather jackets and cow boy hat of DDLJ!!! 

Chak de India gave rise to passion -to excel at whatever we do!! It strongly urged to look up to sports and women sports in specific. His stubble and slightly aged look suited him to the ‘T’ with portrayal of Kabir Khan –the Indian Hockey coach!!! Another master Act by him that is!!! And Swades literally moved me to tears and made me to hate US of A. It resurrected in me the faith that one day my motherland would be the best in this world if collected efforts are made. With movies like Hey Ram, Asoka, Devdas, Pardes, Kal Ho Na Ho, Don he proved his versatility and while at it slowly but surely claimed his title of ‘King Khan’!!! 

Yes let us say he over acts…  but then people who don’t???Let us go back to our corporate setups and try and recollect our responses while promoting our work in a particular project. Don’t we go about adding extra adjectives here and there?? In his case, it’s his job to act and over act..!!! He gets paid for that!!! C’mon people give him some breather…I agree that  everyone is entitled to have his or her own opinions and views but let’s not just write off person for projecting himself larger than life!!! 

In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world; he is also awarded with several honors which include the Padma Shri-the fourth highest civilian award by Government of India. In April 2007, a life-size wax statue of Khan was installed at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London. Another statue was installed at the Muse Grévin in Paris, the same year. During the same year, he was accorded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) award by the French government for his “exceptional career”. In October 2008, Khan was conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka which carries the honorific Datuk  (in similar fashion to “Sir” in British knighthood), by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob, the head of state of Malacca in Malaysia. Khan was honored for “promoting tourism in Malacca” by filming One Two Ka Four there in 2001. Some were critical of this decision. He was also honored with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture from Britain’s University of Bedfordshire in 2009. 

Now he sure must be having something in him to pull of these things and achieve so much in life..!!!So what if he tries and over smiles, even when his team loses badly in IPL?? So what if he doesn’t support NGOs like other Khans??? So what if he longs for awards and is not double edged in saying that oh, I don’t work for awards…(c’mon everyone works for awards…!!! Just recollect employee of the month award at corporate setups…and you shall get my point). So what if he didn’t bow before the saffron tiger to allow screening his movie??? What should matter is, is he a good human being? Is he involved in criminal cases? Can he prove to be some sort of role model to youngsters? Can he help create a better tomorrow for our country? And to all these questions I feel answer is yes…!!! He is a good human being… I have never heard anyone say anything against his goodwill or his motives. There aren’t any criminal cases against him… being a Muslim himself… he doesn’t support bigamy…or doesn’t even hop from one marriage to another unlike others…!!! Starting with very modest means and having lost parents at very early age this boy stood on his weak but determined legs to go about carving his path in this world. Today he is whatever is totally because of, he himself alone..!!!He didn’t have any godfathers to produce films for him or promote him in any manner… what I only ask for… give one space to breathe!!! Now, if Kolkata doesn’t perform well and win then there is no need for dada supporters to hate Shahrukh for that!!!! Makes sense? 

Now let me tell you guys all over again… I am huge Shahrukh Khan Fan and hence this post!!! So avoid the passion in my writing for him if you don’t like it… but at least don’t hate me because I like Shahrukh!!!


13 thoughts on “Why hate ‘Shahrukh’???

  1. Whoa! There u gave us a huge post! I personally am not a BIG fan of SRK but that doesn’t mean i hate him. I’m no film critic but sometimes i feel that his expressions are repeatitive. . May be it is because we have been watching him for years and probably those are his signature styles. . And Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na is my favorite too. . I was like in class 3 or 4 at that time and have some great memories of watching that movie with my parents , uncle , aunt and cousins. .

  2. Hey Aditi,

    People may have different likings, but after I saw Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa, I became and have remained a SRK fan…

    Best things about him – Self made, Family man (never kissed on screen) and good speaker (love to watch all his interviews)…


    • Whenever I see Kabhi haa Kabhi naa my heart goes out for ‘sunil’… he is so lovable!!! Good to know that we have common favorite in him!!!

      Thanks for reading post and commenting.


  3. Hey Aditi, you have a wonderful blog. Personally saying I am not huge fan of Shahrukh
    as compare to Akshay, but I don’t hate him :). I know he is nice guy and struggled so much to achieve this position, and he deserve it.
    Wondering that how beautifully you explained all about it and I enjoyed the whole post. So thanks for your opinion and personally I am agree with you.

    • hey suraj… glad that u liked it..!!!

      he is one of my all time favorites and hence when i had to write abt my fav celebrity i had to start with him… 🙂
      keep enriching my blog with your comments…


  4. Hey Aditi, Nice blog.

    Well i do agree with you that there are not many reasons to hate him… He is a very hardworking person (still going strong even after over a decade in the film industry), very witty and doesn’t believe in making noise about his charities. His energy is unmatched (even his shoulder surgery didn’t seem to stop him). He is one person you definitely cannot ignore.

    Having said all that, i think he does overact (forgive me for that)… The only two movies in which i actually enjoyed his acting were Swades and Chak de…
    His performance was restrained…I think he should stop thinking of commercial success now and do more such movies… I am waiting for that day 🙂

  5. Hi Aditi,

    First of all, a really nice attempt to support SRK, I’d say a typical SRK fan response to his critics. Many things are obviously agreeable like the fact that he is the highest tax payer in the country (and thatswhy a responsible citizen also), rarely indulging in any controversies (except the war of words between the other Khans and the ego clash with BigB. Apart from these, there are many things the ardent SRK fans always “like” to ignore and I do not understand why!

    Starting with his acting (for which he should be know, and not the rest of the above listed things), after DDLJ he completely molded himself in a chocolatey hero who does the stupid stuff through out the movie and in the end finding the girl (take KKHH, K3G, DTPH, Veer-Zara, KANK, OSO etc) and became hugely famous amongst the female crowd. I really admired him initially when he attempted versatile roles like KHKN, Darr and Baazigar. But he lost it completely when he came to know that doing girly stuff is the key to success in Bollywood. If you look at most of his “legendarily” hit love stories, in all of them he is crying till the end for the girl and in the climax, the father of the girl or her boy friend charity the heroine to him. I dont understand why he never went ahead with experimentation with his roles. Oops.. he did try some masculinity in Josh when he attempted the lame role of the leader of Eagle gang! Apart from him, everyone else fitted the role of the Tapori. I guess Chandrachoor should have swapped the role with him!

    The next big experiment came in the form of Asoka where again he ripped apart the image of the epic king and the movie was another disaster. He went back to track and started doing the stupid roles again. Phir Bhi Dil.., 1 2 ka 4, Josh, Asoka, Baadshaah (an attempt to establish himself as Indian James Bond) failed miserably at box office. Frankly speaking, he has been fruitful mostly for the Dharma Production movies and Yashraj banner. His best comeback movie in my regard was Swades. Then he again proved that he can do serious acting by doing Chak De. But then he went back to stupidity when he did Main Hoon Na and OSO. Talking about his acting, tell me how much variation have you seen in his acting till now? How many different types of role he has attempted? Akshay and Amir are far ahead of him when it comes to attempting roles which they have never done. On the other hand, he has also tried to disrespect what others have done in past. Devdaas and Don were the cruel joke he made out of the old legendary movies. He also tried to prove he is a better anchor than BigB when he came out with KBK3 and again he was rejected badly by people. Frankly speaking, his ego is pretty evident when he dealt with the common-man on the show and which was criticized widely. He again insulted himself in Paanchvi Pass.. which was a disaster.

    Talking about the rivalry with BigB, lets accept that noone today is better actor than him in India. But I donot know why SRK never accepts that in public. In fact, he always tried to prove that he is better than BigB. He did it when he tried his hands on KBK3. Again when he attempted Don. You might not be knowing this, but when BLACK was released, every child on streets was saying that this movie will surely win an Oscar. But on the week before the nomination was going to be decided, SRK invited Sonia Gandhi on dinner at his home (which he never did again) and then his super-flop Paheli was sent for Oscar nominations ignoring BLACK!! If you see his advertisements\endorsements also he always puts himself as the Dilo Ka Baadshaah!!

    Talking about the bigamy stuff, it is nowhere written that its mandatory for a Muslim to marry more than once. If he is not marrying again, its just good for him. And moreover, just imagine what a set-back it will be to his public image if he announces that he is marrying again! About the criminal cases, if a person is not involved in any cases, that doesnt mean that he is a great person. That simply means that either he respects the law or he is very powerful person. As you already told that SRK was listed in the Top 50 most powerful men on earth, I need not go in to further details!!

    I am saying all this because I want SRK to be more aggressive when it comes to choosing roles. We are all sick of him begging for the heroine and doing the stupid girly stuff. The anger which was seen in his eyes in Darr & Baazigar (and somewhat in Don) has long disappeared. Never has he been a part of a great comedy, a great action or a great art movie! I loved him till he did DDLJ but was out of my list immediately after that! And it would be really great if he could stop trying to type-caste himself with the legends and make his own path. He has enough fans, and he need not worry if he fails in his attempts. Not at least now!

    Hope I conveyed my thoughts without offending you. My intention was only that when you analyze a person, you should analyze him\her being unbiased. I agree that being a big fan it is very difficult for you, but thats what it needs to be known as a balanced person! If I hurt you anywhere while expressing myself, then I am extremely sorry, that was never the intention. Hope you’ll think on the points I noted and see a balanced reply from you!

    Take Care!
    I blog at: http://www.vatsalrathod.blogspot.com/

  6. Guess u cud have written a post instead…titled-‘why I hate shahrukh…’

    Must say quite an analysis…not convincing though … what with comparisons with Akshay kumar being the lamest of all..!!! how can a person doing films like welcome, singh is king, waqt, de dana dan, 8x 10 tasveer, CCTC… and wht not…be termed as xperimenting Actor????

    Dont you see similar pattern in his films…!!! If running arnd heroines is shahrukh’s genre den guess acting stupidly funny 24×7 is akshay’s (not to forget his horrible way of laughing in all of them…)!!!!

    Comparison with Aamir is obvious, we do hear it day in day out (i m not surprised by u doin the same)!!! But i heard in recently… that aamir claiming I am number one now… (Well … every actor does that in his/her life) even Amitabh had his insecure days and his altercations with dilip kumar n dev anand are quite notorious!!! And to call him better actor than neone, is sure controversial what with actors of rahul bose, Naseeruddin shah, kay kay menon’s calibre still around… but we r not talkin abt actors here … coz ppl u pointed out have all sinned on many occasions in their life when it came to acting… be it aamir(..leaving last 3 yrs ), akshay kumar(well he is still lost somewhere…) and Amitabh bachchan( frankly paa wasnt convincing at all…black was by far the only best movie he has done post his comeback…rest all have been the usual father figure roles…and stupidly idiotic johny depp copy in JBJ…) Experiment would be when he wud do something like naseer did in khuda kay liye, ishqiya,a wednesday…(now that is acting!!!!) Yes… shahrukh has done many mediocre films…everyone has done that boss (even ur aamir , Akshay n bachchan…) but don’t take away credibility from him or write him off because he ran arnd heroines and did romantic capers over n over again…but still there was spark of his acting in movies like.. Kal ho na ho, Dil to pagal hai… and to remind you of xperimental roles he has done…he has done chak de…he did hey ram…he did Dil se…he did pardes.. He did yes boss… … he did shakti …he did Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi…n mind you each one was different in so many aspects… sad that u cud only see he getting heroine at the end of all..!!!

    Frankly i didnt write this post if the aim of comparing shahrukh to other stars of bollywood…i was just puttin in point as to how ppl…think narrow(sometimes me included) while making assumptions abt others…I very well know shahrukh is star and not a good actor..!!! Maybe yes he copies bachchan as u said…so what? bachchan has spent most of his life copying dilip kumar… honestly it’s not the matter of copying someone at all…every artist in his/her life has an idol who he follows .. every singer does… n infact shahrukh has admitted on many occasions that bachchan is his idol…still whenever he doesn’t attend any bachchan event (read iifa awards) ppl say oh c’mon he has ego problems with bachchan…(how lame again…) Cant a person have liberty with what he wants to attend and what not???

    Honestly I adore Aamir…yes I do… I like his films… but he too is not spotless what with stealing away script of TZP from amol Gupte… also passing remarks on legendary music fraternity of bollywood…in one of his recent altercation….!!! And let’s not talk about shahrukh showing his movie to Sonia Gandhi … because she doesn’t sit at censor board to send entries to Oscar… and if that is true… then aamir is being showing his movies for past three years to PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh…!!!

    All actors or u may say stars have loads of ego in them… because it is infact their ego that gives them bread n butter…no one is diff here… not even aamir not even bachchan…not even shahrukh…My post was not about how Shahrukh is better than his other counterparts… but it was more about how ppl talk only abt his so called typecasted acting… leaving other good traits to fizz out somewhere…

    I know ur expectation of a balanced reply might not have been fulfilled here…but then when it comes to COMPARISON… it has to be fair on all records…not just one…!!! Btw… I appreciate you took time in writing that big comment on my post…coz I noe how much it takes in doin so…!!! : P

    keep visiting n keep sharing in ur thots!!!

    Husshhh!!! And now I am tired…I need a glass of vodka!!!

    • well when i started reading your blog.. i actually thought you’d have listed the reasons to hate SRK but then when I found it otherwise.. I really got irritated and thats the reason behind such an illustrated comment on your blog!!

      Well the debate can go on and on like this but the conclusion is ultimately that neither will you change ur perception towards SRK neither am I going to do that. Because its all matter of personal choice and noone can influence that. Your likings and dislikngs are surely different than mine and thathow it should be!! But really liked the way you approached for the answering, kept your cool and didnt get angry at all.. a rare quality amongst die-hard SRK fans in front whom I am always coutious to express my views about him!!

      About Amir, I really appreciaet his work since Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.. and I dont think he produced any bullshit after that apart from Mela and Mangal Pandey (I guess he should work in movies starting with ‘M’!!). About Akshay, I really love his comic sense (watch Garam Masala for Akshay at his best!). Amitabh, when did he copy Dilip Kumar? He was and still is the only angry young man of Bollywood and broken the image of all the chocolatey actors and was the person who introduced the macho element in the protagonists’ characters.

      Anyhow, its nice to have a healthy debate and know more perceptions which do not aling to ours. And really thanks for visiting my blog and putting your comments over there. Frankly speaking, I really do not understand the aspect called “love” and one more thing… DDLJ can never be my favorite film!!!

      Take care!!

  7. No doubts about the fact that shahrukh is a gr8 actor and a wonderful human being, I really loved his acting in Swades and I think it’s the best movie that has been made in Indian Cinema.
    Anyways, I really liked your blog, please visit my blog : http://aniruddh89.wordpress.com

    your valuable suggestions and feedbacks are welcome..!! 🙂

  8. @ad-it-i….. ur words r awesome 🙂
    Srk……for me he is d best actor and alltime superstar. Its not fair to measure the acting skills of an actor by hit or flop. Srk has charisma that work, for which he is known as a superstar, not only in india. He is a global superstar, not only indians, other nations too laughs, cries, feels while watching him onscreen and offscreen. He is cool, calm, intelligent, selfless.

    I really likes d way he does give d interview, the way he answers d questions, the way he tolerates the misbehavior of other stupid actors or stars (remember aamir’s srk and dog controversy, salman’s riff with srk over aish, shivsena controversy, kkr n dada contr…etc. etc.) almost everytime he managed himself as being cool n calm (bcoz he is selfless)
    his ego falls short if u compares with other stars. Aamir has biggest ego in industry, once he felt he shud win d award, he didn’t get so he boycotts awards(lolz, he thinks he’s bigger than industry). Salman has bigger ego, just visit his tweeter profile u’ll get ma point. He is following less than a dozen of celebrities, i don’t what he wants to prove himself, he too thinks that he’s better than other stars.

    Srk is more a gr8 human being than an actor or superstar. I won’t be wrong if i says srk is d best in bollywood.

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