the ‘Blue Paradise’…

Vast expansive blueness, with sparkling crystals of sand dunes
The sea comes rushing at me, carrying its rocky tunes…

While roaring sounds of waves,
Sends a horror down my spine,
The whity foam of gushing waters
Only cajoles my feet and makes me smile.

The evening breeze that kisses,
The splashing waves along its route…
Brings back memories and goose bumps
While truly shivering my soul…

I love to watch the distant horizon
Which gulps the big ball of fire,
Far away from my hands reach
It sets the evening in motion.

Sitting on the seashore I eat an ice-candy,
And try and compare its color palette with evening sky mighty!!!

As the crowd slowly fades away
I stand there watching this nature’s tune
Wondering how each single day,
This experience still remains new!!!

The colored water of candy trickles down my fingers
Bringing me back to reality as the candy gets over…
The day has come to an end and so has the ice candy
Evening sky has ended its show,
And the night has started its party!!!!


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