Dusting mah life..!!!

Weekend time approaches … and we often hear “folks… What on weekend?? What’s on ur mind????”

Ahem…well, expecting decent replies to it…I assume most of us would either answer with – a short trip along with friends or family… or might go on shopping spree … or might just go about watching plays in theatres or movie … or some might just cook to their hearts content and enjoy the delicacies, etc. That is, the possibilities are abundant …and finally, there is also one such activity that, we females are too fond of, which we are totally paranoid about… No man…not the beauty treatments … its DUSTING!!!

Dusting the furniture, dusting the table tops, dusting the couch, dusting the vases, dusting the center table…phew!!! We act like programmed robots when weekends arrive!!! Our aim for Sunday is almost always to achieve a spank clean house in fear that someone might drop in anytime and see the cluttered stuff!!!! We toil for so long …sometimes even stretching to last drop of energy in the body that we finish the rest of the day only sleeping and resting!!!

And finally, as the day nears closure we often question… Where did the time go???

I didn’t write a single word, nor did I listen to my favorite music…. I didn’t catch up with my friends either…I had planed so many things for this weekend but I ended up only dusting my life!!!

 On weekdays I spend time listening to bosses, making decisions, slogging at workplace, making the code work and what I did on the weekends was slog even more!!!!

We often in life get entangled in typical loser announcements of: “Where is the time to do what we really want to do…?” but is it really, the time which is culprit or our so programmed human brain and psyche???

Is this that, I wanted to do in my life??? NO…NEVER!!!!

I wanted to write poetries, wanted to sit idly staring at periwinkles admiring them… I wanted to plant lilies in my garden… wanted to go trekking in Himalayas…at least go to nearby resort and spa center to relax and rejuvenate ….I wanted to relax on couch reading and sipping coffee…

But where did my weekend go????

We often spend much of the time beautifying the externalities that, we feel people recognize us with, in process often forgetting the fact that it’s in fact the soul made up of likes and dislikes, hobbies and activities, contributions and participations that gets etched in human psyche!!!

Lot of self introspection led me to realize  that people who mattered to me  dropped in at my home not to check the maker of my couch, color of my walls or my  new curtains… but they dropped in to know what was I upto? What is it that is keeping me busy these days??? What more hilariously funny I did in recent times… What is it that made me blue in this week…on and on!!!!

They knew me more for my dancing, for my writing, for my one-liner filmy dialogues, for my sometimes absolute nonsense concepts … yet they would drop in to know more of me… yes ME!!! Not about non living things that I owned or possessed. Nowhere my dusting the couch got appreciated nor got my dusting the tables noticed…!!!! But my first try at driving did…my first try at salsa did… my first try at still photography did… my first try at film making did…. My first try at cooking did..!!!!

Not all reactions were positive, what with cooking being low on score… but my folks had curiosity listening to it..!!!! They wanted to laugh to their heart’s content, they wanted to give their expert opinions… they wanted to try too…!!! Most important they wanted to live that moment with me…!!!

Life is all about living, spreading and cherishing…they made me realize it!!! And slowly the paranoid in me stopped getting panic attacks with the announcement of the “guest time”!

Now DUSTING is no longer my aim… but an activity that comes with the tag “should be done or not …left at individual’s discretion”.

Indeed life is all about how much you SCATTER… than GATHER..!!!! 😀

(btw.. just out of curiosity… when we clean our furntiture and house… why is it , that we call it … DUSTING??? wherein we actually are cleaning it..!!! 😛 😛 :P)


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