India Shining…

Am I proud to be Indian??? YES I AM !!!

Why? For I was born here?

Or for all the achievements by people like A R Rehman, Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Kalpan Chawla, Saina Nehwal, Ambani Brothers, Vishwanathan Anand, Amitabh Bachchan, Freida Pinto and  by organizations like  Force India team, IPL League???

Or because, amongst all the economies that got affected during the global meltdown in 2008-2009, one economy which made the quickest recovery is Indian Economy???

Or because Indians today are far reached in each field you may name , then be it Technology, Astronomy, Metals like Steel, Showbiz, Medical sector, Economy and number of economists that it boasts off, Travel and Tourism -with one of the wonders of world hailing from our motherland, Entrepreneurs, Startups,  Fashion Industry, Our jump till Oscars, Sports???

 NO… but because this land taught me what courtesy means! What help means! What gratitude means! And above all, what being a human means!!! It’s this country that taught me to bow in respect, to feel gratitude in return of help, to appreciate every appreciable thing, to show and practice courtesy and yes, it also equipped me with the power of forgiveness!!!

Like any other country, yes, we too have demons that we are fighting against, we to have problems like Poverty, Corruption, Terrorism to deal with. But, we are making concrete efforts. A country becomes outstanding not by proclaiming itself but by actions towards betterment. We may take time in process but we Indians comprising of almost 1 Billion odd people is huge force that can change the course of the world!!!

Each country has achievements to boast off, but what I am more proud of is the culture & traditions of my motherland, which taught me to be righteous and true in whatever I do in my life. A recent article published in Evening standard further goes to strengthen my belief…

Three cheers to India and its People…!!!!


4 thoughts on “India Shining…

  1. Your post reminds me of Akshay Kumar’s speech in Namaste London or Shashi Tharoor’s speech in TED conference about how versatile yet down-to-earth we Indians are. Whenever I read something like this, I wonder, am I really proud to be Indian? ‘Proud’? I don’t think so! For me, there is only a feeling of ‘guilt’. I feel guilty towards India! Guilty of being a blind follower of Gandhi’s 3 wise (?) monkeys! Speak no evil see no evil hear no evil!

    Have we really preserved our culture in a way that we can bestow it to our next generations? Will we able to explain them the meaning and significance of our traditions? We can definitely teach to fold the hands in front of elders. But how many will teach ‘why?’

    Mr. Sebastian is impressed with the Indian hospitality and wants to be born an Indian in his next life. Probably, he has no idea about the racism in India. He will not enjoy the same hospitality being born as a wheatish rather than british. He doesn’t seem to be aware about the craze of fair skin among Indians. He is disappointed with a bank, but does he know about the Indian doctors who recommend operations to patients just to cover up the expenditure they incurred in building their hospital? Unlike Britain, in India no one can raise a voice against such things because there is no evidence on paper!!!

    What concrete actions are we taking against corruption, terrorism? Every other day there is a bullshit warning in TOI about the next terror threat. But has Mr. Chidambaram announced any concrete plan of action to fight terror? I remember the post 26/11 aftermath. The shameless behavior of politicians, the blame-games, Kasab’s statements published in newspapers like of some celebrity..and then after some time one more attack in Pune. Are we really taking any ‘action’?

    I don’t want to blame anyone else than myself. Because unwillingly I am following great Gandhi’s great monkeys! And hence, doing NOTHING! I feel, there is so much to be done to at least make our next generations feel proud of their nation!!!

    • Guilty towards India??? No… never!!! Yes, we have problems like Kasab, Pune terror attacks, Poverty, Corruption but these problems exists even in Britain, and for that matter there isn’t a single nation that is not plagued by these issues.

      In our country, government has set up evening courts to speed up trials of culprits like memom brothers. In case of kasab, yes he is culprit and he will be punished but there are lot of things at stake when we speak about Kasab issue which we probably won’t know sitting outside. We talk about terrorism and India, well taking ‘action’ against is not only Chidambaram’s duty!!! It is responsibility of us to play our part with full honesty and make it happen. If a sea shore patrolling team was inefficient in detecting the terrorists entering into Indian shores, I doubt that could be called Chidambaram faltering… it is the sea patrolling team that is at fault… but what we do in return..? We ask home minister to resign!!! That’s incorrect!! Terrorism is now such a big curse that even Osama can’t eradicate it, if he ever thought of doing it!!! You have to deal with it no matter what… but its Indian efforts that is preventing those strikes from happening everyday… had it been Pakistan or Israel…I doubt I would have been alive today!!! Amidst such high tension neighbors, India has still managed to be one of the safest countries, what with Hockey world cup and IPL happening in so tight security and safety. We talk about politician’s blame game… well all politicians worldwide are involved in this blame game!!! Even US had issues like Watergate scandal, ENRON, the big Iraq War, Vietnam War, etc and the blame game as the after effects!!! Government is not about politicians… it is about people who live it..!!! Who implement it!!!

      We talk about Poverty and Illiteracy… it is here that we have initiatives started by TOI such as ‘Teach India ’ that imparts education at grass root level all over nation. It is here that we have so many corporate firms tying up with NGOs to build houses for poor and underprivileged people. Yes, this will take time…but ‘actions’ are taken. It is in India, that we have so many innovations happening that we can boast of Chandrayan, Laser technology, Jaipur foot, etc.

      We talk about Racism… well right now the most notorious nation in racism row is a developed nation called Australia!!! Also we have people like Tommy Hilfiger a noted US based fashion designer involved in racism row against his black clients. Racism probably started from white countries that hated black people and in process sowed the seed of racism worldwide…!!! And hence we can understand the craze for fairer skin for the fear of acceptance!!!

      It took lot of guts by Mr. Chidambaram and Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia to bring India out of global meltdown of 2008-2009 with least possible side effects… India is by far the first economy to come out of it!!!I don’t fancy Gandhi either… nor do his 3 monkeys… but I guess when actions implemented are so visible I doubt that Gandhian Ideologies still exists…

      About culture and our traditions, well we can teach our children to join hands in front of elders, but then why can’t tell them why do we do this???…. We do this because we show gratitude towards our elders who made us see this world … who did everything possible to give us good education… who made all sacrifices to see that we r well fed…there is answer to every why, when, where and what…only if we want to face them and answer them…Every country by far, has same problems, but what differentiates us from others is our hospitality, our culture, traditions. We Indians still have humanity is us unlike other countries … though there are exceptions always. But by and large, India is shining for sure!!! I guess, its difference of only perspectives between us …I am too optimist to feel guilty towards India!!!

  2. I am neither saying India is not shining nor am I arguing any other country to be better than India. Guilty towards India, because I do not do the duties which a citizen of India should do!

    Definitely there are many inventions and developments happening in India. India was never behind for that matter. But what I am talking about is the life of a common man in India!

    Definitely, taking action against terrorism is not only Chindambaram’s duty. But being a Minister of Home Affairs, he is responsible for law and order in the country. He cannot get down on the road to fight, but he is supposed to take prudent decisions to maintain the law. Every citizen is individually responsible..but can everyone start taking decisions about the internal security?? Not everyone can question the seashore patrolling team…neither can the ‘responsible’ citizens themselves go patrolling. The citizens can be responsible only to an extent. The bigger responsibility lies with the person who holds that chair…who has the authority to take the decisions and make things fall in place.. Indian citizens have chosen him to that duty. And well for Home Minister, it was not a big deal..he is back within a year!!!! We cannot compare Pakistan and India for that matter. Because Pakistan is not really a democracy! India is…by all means! A democracy can only be compared with a democracy. Not in any other democracy, a person can just go on shooting people openly. 26/11 was not a cowardly attack, but an open attack which bared our security system in front of the whole world!! The lengthening of decisions even on such attacks has only loosened the public trust on judiciary system.

    Sure, there may be evening courts and what not to sort out the matters fast. But where are the results?? Leave alone the 26/11, but Afzal Guru, who is convicted of attack on Indian Parliament (!), was supposed to be hanged in 2006. But the sentence has been stayed! What a responsible citizen can do in this matter when even a person like Mr. Kalam has refused to interfere? It has been 8 years since then!!

    For poverty and illiteracy, the actions are being taken not only today, but for a long time since independence. But still there are so many farmer suicides happening in Maharashtra while the Chief minister is either attending filmy events or licking Rahul’s shooes!!! Why there is big immigration from states like UP and Bihar..while their CM is busy in building statues and accepting garlands?

    For racism, at least people protest against it in developed countries. In India, how many people protest against the fairness cream products or those serials which show dark girls as some pitiable thing or the ads which argue how using a cream changes the fate? No one! These ads are an insult to our colour. Few days back there was some program on BBC..they were laughing on the craze of fairness creams in India! It’s just that in developed countries the media has been shouting against racism, but in India people are conveniently ignorant about it. Our media will protest when it happens in Australia, but they will print the ads of fairness creams on the next page, because its a big market in India!

    But…but…but…I ‘do not’ have any right to blame any of these people. Because when in India,
    I did not go for voting, rather enjoyed a holiday
    I did not protest against the periodic legalisation of increasing slums in Mumbai by politicians
    I did not ask the Police why even after 1 year of the 26/11, the metal detectors on CST station are not working
    I did not ask the railway, why even today most of our local trains are of British times, which carry more than double their capacity
    I did not complain about the disastrous transport situations in monsoon

    There are just so many things I faced in my day to day life in Mumbai. But neither me nor anyone else around me raise a voice to solve the things. Thats the sorrow of India. ‘Public sub bhool jati hai’. And thats why I feel guilty…being a rationalist!!

    Looking at the bigger picture definitely India is shining. I am definitely not undervaluing that. But at the grass roots level (which is not only rural area, but also the suburbs) it is still struggling to maintain a decent life style. There is still a long way to go before getting out of this vicious circle.

  3. India is so much more than what you describe but yet we as Indians, only talk and never do those things we should. Respect? Gratitude? Those are alien terms for us now or atleast are soon becoming one. We feel proud of our achievements, highlight them as if there is nothing greater in this world, but when when something bad happens, we try to sweep it under our beds without trying find a solution.
    optimism is great to have but hollow feeling and shallow minds are a devils playground.

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