Man with a mapping resume

Who would have ever imagined that google maps can be so versatile that they can actually be ur face while world judges you..!!!!

Ed Hamilton -a copywriter from Brave has just achieved it. And I feel this is by far the best expression of creativity and information together.

I am sure many many people are gonna imitate him, but hey no harms huh!! never worry about imitating a good thing from others..!!!

It teaches u atleast 2 new things in process…and yes it taught me too…that:-

1) stop shouting from roof-top that I have creativity in me n I am a creative person…

2) start thinkin not just out of box… but outta this universe..!!!

3) better if you start implementing wht you think before someone else executes it and calls it their own idea… 😛 !!!

hats off to ed..!!! FYI.. Ed’s Resume


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