An evening by cutie’s side…

You walk around your office desk as usual… you on your pc then read your mails … go for breakfast and continue slogging for another 8 hours or something before retiring for your bus which takes you home.

You get so used to your daily life that it never crosses your mind that maybe there can come a day when you might face an accident..!!!!! Yes a freaking accident… which will turn out to be a pleasant surprise in your life..!!!!

No people… I am not sloshed …nor hallucinating… but sometimes people say right:-“truth is stranger than the fiction” it’s something like that..!!!!

It was not one of the best days of my life… no not at all..!!!! Everything was so stupid awful… The extra slogging to make the code work… the extra cuppa of coffee to keep u sane for all the working hours… and basically all the boring daily details in between!!!

And at the stroke of 6… I finally started from my desk… walking towards my bus that simply doesn’t stop at my workplace … n hence I need to travel (read walk) to other building that is exactly 7  minutes walk away to catch it. Frankly I was tired… very tired!!! I thought I am definitely gone have a sound sleep today in the bus …so I was looking forward to getting a nice window side seat… but people say right.. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”… I didn’t get the window seat… Sob …sob..!!!! I retired my bag on secondary (read next to window seat) seat and climbed outta bus to greet my friends from that other building.

All the while my bag was lying beside a kinda college sack … unaware of who owns it!!!!

Time struck 6.30 and I hopped in the bus… seating beside a complete stranger and forever cursing my late starting from the desk for getting such a filthy seat..!!!! Rhea my friend who travels thru same bus service but to some other destination called up… I was surprised since it has been only exactly 73 seconds that I had spoken to her and she needs me again… what’s the matter..??? I picked up the call… and there she was gushing about how lucky I am etc etc… “He looks cute”… stmts..!!!!

I was stumped as to what is she referring…?? Then she made a loud announcement-“look to your left” and in a fraction of second our eyes met…I was bolted outta my reality … he was looking at me… astonished… amazed… Confused … as to whether I was cursing him..???? Before I could open my mouth to clarify he turned his face away… and I was left with my open mouth to stare at his hairs…I saw they were silky and thick black wavy hairs… which enjoyed the evening breeze as he sat in the window seat..!!!

Rhea interrupted my concentration over him… I totally forgot that I was still on line wid her..!!!! She hung up saying:” go on girl have a nice evening by the cutie’s side…”

For another 5 mins after the call I was contemplating whether I should tell him that, no, I wasn’t cursing you at all… but I simple couldn’t gather enough courage to face his deep dark black eyes and tell him that for the fear that I may again be left dumbfounded once he will face me… all the while he kept looking out of the window…. Sob… sob..!!!

With every passing minute I was getting more anxious to speak to him…. And he was so not interested for the reason that he not even once turned his face away from window… and once when he did I found out that he was fast asleep…!!!! : P

Gosh..!!!!! I lost the chance of speaking to such a cutie… all together… I was thinking as to what am I gonna tell Rhea the day after when she is definitely going to ask me about it. And while thinking all this I never realized when I fell asleep as well…. But thankfully I was awake by the time bus approached my bus stop.

With so much disappointment… that I couldn’t even ask his name….I alighted from the bus… and what the heck..!!!!!!! He alighted too..!!!!!

All the thoughts started creeping into my grey matter…. “Does he stay here?”, “Is he following me..??? Wow…”  “How come I never saw him before?”… On and on..!!!! and suddenly I found myself staring at him….wondering whether he will give me glance at least…..

And voila…!!!! He looked at me… with slightly puzzled look… and I simply couldn’t stop myself from asking him:-“so you alight here…?” He smiled a little as if expecting me to open my mouth and said”yea sometimes, when I don’t get my bike…!”

Right from the time I saw him for the first time I was like… man I have seen somewhere before but really couldn’t recollect where..!!! And I don’t know what crossed my mind I said him:-“you know what I have seen you somewhere…!! “And he was again confused this time more out of thought that ‘is she chancemaroing on me..? ‘  And I could sense that. I quickly corrected myself by saying that it’s not the way you r thinking but I have actually seen you somewhere… maybe in some technical training that we must have undergone… and it was later revealed that he was indeed part of some flex training that we had together. So finally … I knew this stranger …. I patted myself in my thoughts saying: – “good memory boss!!!”

And by the time I could ask him anything more my car arrived to screeching halt behind us and off I had to go…

I waved him good bye and wow…I spoke to him… for good 5 minutes and more and what the hell..I still don’t know his name..!!!!!! A complete stranger who didn’t seem to be a stranger … and at the same time a known person who was completely unknown….this paradox was too cute to not blush over it…. And all the while my dad thought I was smiling over some joke on radio….that was being played in the car.

That evening , I am sure that I am never gonna forget… and well today, he is one of my best friends….!!! 😀

A friendship that blossomed because of a pleasant accident..!!! 😛


One thought on “An evening by cutie’s side…

  1. loolzz. some times you come across a stranger who later, becomes your best friend.. even I had a similar instance, but yeah for me it was during the troubled and ill-fated Mumbai Floods of 2005, which gave me my best friend and a bit more..

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