It was about you…


I shall be there for u.. always...

When things were wrong,
And I was right, you believed me..!!!!
When all was down
And nothing seemed alright
You were there to cheer up and frown..!!!!

When I could find no one around
You were the only one to surround..!!!!!

I never pondered why….
Nor did u felt the reason to specify….
Deep down in my heart
You were the only reason
Why I could still smile…..!!!!!!

But the past wasn’t all that rosy
For I was the reason why things weren’t that cozy
I remember the times
When I had everything
And you were there too
Yet there was something
That bothered and made me blue

I would keep thinking about our last meeting…
And couldn’t find anything new
I would keep searching frantically
Till I could find no more clue
And finally I resigned on you
Only to realize that you were so true…

The days have changed
And so am I
And I feel the need
To find the reason why

Amidst all the people I try and try some more
Till I can stand on my toes and find some shore
I again search frantically
Till I get just one clue finally
And I look at you
Still looking in my eyes
Finding the peels of smiles…

And then I curse myself
It was you I was searching for…
It was you I had cared for …
It was you who mattered…
It was you whom I have shattered…!!!!!

Today I question to know the reason why
You were always there no matter
How rude was I
I ask you why was it that
You were always rife….
Only to get a reply…
“It was about “you” …And you know that,  you were my life”!!!!!


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