I shall get back…

I shall find a way

Let the world scream at me
I don’t give a damn
Let the world scare me
I wont budge at all
For I am my creator
I am my mentor…
I am my strength and I am my vigor

Let the people play some game
Won’t I be hurt wont I be lame…
The classic D of determination
keeps growing and keeps me sane…

Conspire conspire
and conspire some more…
Till the time you get bore
Neither would I resign
Nor I would be tored…
For here is where I belong …
Here is where I shone…!!!!

With all the guts that I can gather
I look straight at you
With every punch that you throw at me
I shall punch harder and get back too…
Don’t u dare think that I will ever fall
For I am here to rise and make you small

The pains that you gave me shall fade with time
But the scars I guess would never be fine…
But let them be there
For they would remind me of you
Who was only a peril and was never ever fair
But I know
The time shall change
And there shall come a day
Free from your clutches
I would breathe again

The light of that new day
Would make me to sing
And my scars would heal too
And add a little zing
That would be the day to remember
That would be the day to cherish
For the freedom in my voice
Would no longer perish..!!!!
(dedicated on women’s day March 8th 2010 – to all the women of the world..!!!!)  cheers to us…

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