Playing a lost match…

In every game that we play …like some school or college tournaments sometimes chess, badminton, tennis, etc … we always talk about the “sportsman spirit“… a spirit that makes you to overcome your flaws, that makes you to give more than hundred percent of what you could ever give .. a spirit which only increases with the ‘HOPE’ that ,if you give everything what you have … u might just win.!!!! The words”YOU MIGHT JUST WIN“… ring in your ears and keeping ringing throughout the game…

Its always said that a match is never lost until the last second of the game.This hope is the catalyst that makes us to strive and strive some more until we come to the conclusion of the match….whereupon we do accept the result and vow to improve and strike back harder next time…if we lose it!

This hope is only 50% probabality that we may win … kinds!!!And we survive on this hope for the rest of the game….But then there are also certain games which are played after you have lost it…

One such game I played … infact still playing…i know that i have lost it… there is no hope to tell me…”Go try for it…who knows you might win”… because i have seen that hope shattering into pieces myself…!!!

One such game life made me to play… one such game which i am still playing…and one such game which will never end…. in my favour!!!!

I have to live with it… henceforth forever in my life….but hey i wouldn’t have  minded playing it forever…had it been against some opponent i would have loved defeating…!!! But the worst part is the situation …when you know that……… you have lost it already… and you dont want to be a loser and keep playing … and the opponent is someone you dont ever want to defeat , whom you cant think of defeating!!!!

There is nothing I can do to revive back that hope but you know what….. I still want to play that game…not for me… but for my opponent!!!

(as shared by one of my favourite person in this world…)


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