We will… we will…ROCK you..!!!

It can blow you…it can shake you… It can wake you and yes it can rejuvenate u as well. The naïve and raw bass, the sensuous guitar and oh so crazy drums what more you want? What more you ask?

Not an avid rock lover but then there was something in maroon 5, in pearl jam, in Coldplay, in U2, in nirvana, in smashing pumpkins , etc that made me, to long for them more… and by that I mean literally MORE..!!!! I happened to listen to these bands by chance when one of my friends transferred songs of these bands through blue tooth saying –“you noe what, it’s high time you should at least give them a fair chance to impress you…!” and man was I impressed? ROYALLY… is the word!!! I was in love with them at least with the ones I had in my cell phone. They were absolute classics and truly masterpieces…I realized!

I wondered as to what made me to stay away from them for so long, maybe an over trust on bollywood numbers or for the sheer fear that I won’t understand them…to hell with it..!!!
I heard them n they were all that I wanted to hear after that…Yellow, violet hill, she will be loved, one, last kiss, behind blue eyes, alive, carnival of rust, somebody’s me, Amigo vulnerable, and on goes the list…. Everyone left an indelible mark on me. Initially, ROCK for me was nothing more than noise..!!! And HARD ROCK was even louder noise… but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually came across lyrics of all these songs… they were not only meaningful but many songs have actually been written from some inspired incidences in the real world… take for ex: last kiss (PJ), Jeremy (PJ)… 90’s was indeed the revolution in alternative rock but newer bands like maroon5 and ‘98 born Coldplay too are keeping the trend perfectly alive n kicking…

The song which made me crazy to listen it 7 times back to back was none other than “she will be loved”- by maroon5. The one thing that struck me in this song was the amazing voice of Adam Levine which expresses the sheer disappointment at his girl’s choice, but at the same time….the love that he has for her which can make him to do absolutely anything for her although he knows that she may not come to him ever…

His helpless love for her comes around as very genuine in his voice. The lyrics and music is exemplary…and it sets the perfect mood whenever and wherever you want to listen to it… IN LOVE WITH IT..!!!

My connection with this genre has just begun but I am sure… it’s not gonna end for sure…!!!


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