A Godly soul..!!!

  Not many times you come across people who leave an indelible mark on your mind and heart….

 My granny had been admitted to heart care centre and one of the family members had to be there in the hospital continuously … usually my mom used to do handle the night time…

 It’s not often that amidst this chaos of emotions, stress, and worries you meet someone so unusual, extraordinary, and above all more than just a human being..!!! There was this boy who used to stay put at the hospital at the night to take care of his father who was also admitted there. He was a young boy of 17 heavily immersed in his books as his exams were nearing….

 He promptly gave the sleeping place to my mom… so that she can relax a bit!! My mom outta curiosity asked him about his background and he mentioned that for him it is better to stay at hospital with his father than stay at home since his house was a small shack-like of size 9”x10” wherein all his relatives were putting up who came to see his father..!!!! He had his exams in next 10 days and hence the night time in hospital gave him the perfect ambience to study.

 At 3 in the midnight … he probably had his first break from studies, he asked my mom –“kaki, chaha ghenar???” (I.e. Will you have tea…?) …to which my mom replied in negative since she is not in habit of having tea at the 3 in the night… With this very conversation my mom fell asleep sensing everything is fine my granny. Next morning even before my mom could wake up this boy was standing in front of her holding a cup of tea …he was like” kaki, sakali tar chaha gheyuch shakta( you can atleast have tea in the morning)”…. My Mom was touched..!!!! She readily took the cup and drank the sugary tea inspite of being averse to sugar…

 This very thing happened for several days at a stretch till it was time for my granny to go home…My mom outta of concern asked him as to when his father is gonna be discharged… to which he replied that he is already discharged 3 days back… he used to keep coming to hospital so that he can follow his daily habit of studying in the night while his father was recuperating along with his other relatives at the house and in the meanwhile give company to my mom with the first cup of tea in the morning…. My mom was astonished, shocked and awe-struck all at the same time. Later my mom found out that the tea that he used to get every morning wasn’t free as he always kept saying it costed Rs6 per cup every day…. A boy who could not manage so many people in his small home with small incomes was spending 6 rupees from his pocket everyday for my mom..!!!The point here is not in spending 6 rupees for someone…. But the thinking and the mentality that boy had when he did that gesture for my mom..!!!

 It’s not important that you spend huge sums of money to prove your concern for someone but most often it’s your deeds that speak volumes of your honesty…and humanity..!!!

 Its incidences like these that make you believe in GOD… that make you see GOD..!!! I am sure my mom prays for him daily now…and now she says… SHE HAS SEEN GOD..!!!!



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