kaash yeh pal tham jaaye…

When we are very young in our schools … all we want is grow up quickly in order to avoid being questioned and being answerable to parents. As we are growing up from kindergarten to primary school we travel a comparatively small distance from baa-baa- black sheep to Indian history involving Gandhi and all the other details in between. As we become 11-12 years old all we want is quickly get into teens and get ourselves a life….( get outta Gandhi history and maybe get a  girl/boyfriend , first brush with puff etc…( left to individual imagination)…). We don’t travel much here either but just keep pushing the envelope in the hope of doing all the desired travel (read explore stuff) once we grow up…

What about the glorious teens…??? -“C’mon Smriti (obviously any random name can’t be mine…) you are now a grown up act like one and stop harassing your kid-brother” –the typical parental dialogue (no one has escaped that). You may feel helpless at times in front of your kid-bro/sis that “wow- now I can’t even scold him…! I am a grown-up and grown-ups don’t fight” …really??? But then did you actually listen to that??? And honest answer can’t be positive…

Then one day you plan a movie with your friends- first movie of your life with your friends…” amazing” and what you receive in return –“Smriti how dare you go to movie with your friends… you are still such a small kid and you have already got spoilt…!”  Uh-hhuh what did I hear? “SMALL KID”..?????

What the… HELL… (No at that age u r still some years away from the typical other slang… at least I was…)!!!

And then you remind your parents that just yesterday you were a grownup to not harass you brother and how come you are a “such a small kid today” and frankly the whole teens almost finish up in this very argument.

We advance further to graduation and now all we want to do is enjoy the life to the fullest …become slightly brat, and yes a rebel at times…because now you are actually grown-up boss!!!!(Everyone has been a rebel at some point of time in their life so don’t start judging me over  … “oh so she was a rebel..????…I see…”)… this is time when you want to have night outs with friends… you wanna own a bike… gets spikes on your hairs for guys of course and get hair streaks for gals..… And basically all the typical college fancy (I call it fancy now… since most of us don’t get to do that now…due to white-collar professional life) stuff. Then comes the time when you get the first feeling of being responsible for your own future… for your destiny… for your decisions…however big or small they may be…!!! Not all decisions are right… in fact most of them are wrong…but… As the saying goes:

“Sometimes we take right decisions … and sometimes we make the decisions right….”

Ultimately we learn to live with our decisions… our first brush with adjustments… that is..!

And then all of a sudden you want to slow down… you want the  time to standstill…you don’t want to get outta it and grow up further..!!! The college life, friends, situations, as also the family support is so –so comforting that you budge to grow out of that comfort zone… and face the world…all of a sudden .. Life seems so paced up… that you start feeling short of breath… feels like life is so hell bent on teaching you so many things in so little span of time…phew!!

You try and accommodate many things in small space, small span … and you secretly wish that let this time be standstill here at this very moment..!!! Today we are grownup… but do we really enjoy life more than how we enjoyed at the age of 9? Answer can never ever be positive….

“Aey waqt ruk ja .. ruk ja tu tham ja wapas jara daud peeche….

Main chod aayi khudko jahan pe.. wo reh gaya mod peeche….. “


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