Past trying to foray into present..

Many things are changing…. long  lost ppl are coming back in life… as if they never left… life doesnt ask me.. whether i need them back… why???

I want my life to allow me to take few decisions atleast… but hell NO..!!! I had learned to live without them… infact I was happy… and now i really dont want anyone to come and mess my life as if they have right to it.!!

I dont know what kind of stars and planets’ makeup i am made of… but for me distancing from ppl is not difficult.. For me.. movement is important and that too only forward… I dont believe in turning around and giving a handshake to the past… for me what is gone is past … never to come back… and what is present …is to be cherished and lived to the fullest …!!! I quite feel suffocated when someone from past tries to interfere in my personal space in present … in such situations what can you do? -be straight in handling it by letting noe the person concerned that u no longer can provide space that once u used to… or else go with the flow… accomodate the past when u have free time in present..!!!

I am the kind of person who will never sit and try to predict the future … but i am blessed with the natural power to detach…. from the environs , from the people who no longer mean essential in my life to survive..!!! You may feel i am arrogant but being a little arrogant is better than being an emotional fool… And i love it this way..!!! So no question of accomodating the past..!!!

In any relationship.. there should be space for each other to breath and live , survive… Its true that ppl come and go in ur life so that they can provide u with the most valuable asset of ur life -“experience” !!! But which experiences to cherish and value and which ones to exclude from your life is at your discretion…its very tough to be the special person in my life…but once u r tagged special…u remain that way for me till my last breath..!!!!Because then you know that u r “somethign else”….!!!

( this post is in memory of a clingy person who is a total pest and obnoxious weed.. this is to tell her/him that … i am fed up of you..@@@@@@@ )


2 thoughts on “Past trying to foray into present..

  1. Some rant this is 😛

    But I kinda agree with you. People, especially those from the past, who you rather not have in your spoil, can and generally do spoil it for you when they come back and want to lord over you like they own you! Well the only thing you can do is to avoid them or just tell them NO!

    • u guessed it right..!!!
      I remember an essay topic we used to write in school days: ‘unpleasant visitors’… back then I used to think… noways visitors can be unpleasant!!!
      well… not anymore!!! 😛

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