Someone shares my views …

Today was a complete no-work day…and since i can rarely sit doing nothing in front of pc screen for long i started surfing and came across a blog… It is been written by a guy who is only 22 yrs of age and who is already a practicing astrologer.I was amazed by reading his posts.

 He is an engineer just like me, he is trained in german just like me… and well he is interested in jyotish( astrology ) just like me…!!! and well similarities dont end there… he too questions his situations just like me and he too at the end leave everything to fate to unfold itself just like me..!!! whooosshh!!! well… we are not long lost twin siblings from kumbh- ka mela..!!! but it really feels good .. to know people who kind of share similar views, who share similar likes and dislikes, who share similar life paths. I have never seen this guy in my life but i already feel as if i know… him so damn well..!!! its a said thing.. that there are exactly 7 people who look exactly same in this world … though i doubt this theory i am starting to believe that there are indeed people in this world who share similar life paths … its only upto u to find out; that is if u r interested!!!

There is definitely much to learn from this guy…and also who wouldnt like to have a personal astrologer to guide you through..!!! 🙂


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